So Feaking Tired

I am so freaking tired, I have to go get a shower because I have a meeting today about a job.  I haven’t posted about this but the other day I applied for a job that was being advertized by a staffing company.  I hate jobs that are advertized by staffing companies.  Well I applied and I got a call from the lady and she informs me that the actual staffing company has a job opening and she wants me for it.  I am going to find out more about it today and to meet the other employees.  It’s kinda far from my house so we will see how it goes.  I am so tired because I stayed up until 2:30am!  Now back when Pete and first met we would talk on the phone EVERY NIGHT until atleast 2:30am.  I don’t know how in the world I did it.  I am so sleepy right now.  The reason I was up so late is because I was up making a DVD.  My MAC computer is the best for making DVD’s.  This one is from our Disney vacation in February.  It has over 600 photos and like 12 videos on it, all set to disney music with cool smooth transisations and special effects.  I still have about half of the music to do and then I will be done.  I can not wait until it is done.  My dad has been bugging me for it for three months now.  I plan on having a special Disney themed screening once I get it finished.    

One Response to “So Feaking Tired”

  1. Ani Says:

    Good luck!

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