Smells So Sweet!

When we went to Ocean City for the Spring fest my Dad let Laura and I pick out some things we wanted for our Birthdays.  One of the things I picked is this: 

It is a candle in a Pitcher and it looks just like a frosty pitcher of Lemonade.  I love the ice cubes.  The man said that this candle will burn over 1000 hours and if I bring the pitcher back to him next year he will refill it for half price!

If you look behind the candle you can see the counter clutter.  I hate counter clutter.  Right now it is only my keys, my camera case, Pete’s iPod and his wallet.  Just knowing this stuff is there drives me nuts.  Usually there is mail all over the counter also.  I hate it, and clean it off 4 times a week.

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3 Responses to “Smells So Sweet!”

  1. Lisanne Says:

    OMG. I *so* could have totally sworn that you had just made a pitcher of sparkling lemonade. That’s UNREAL. I bet that it smells AMAZING. How cool!

  2. Ani Says:

    I seriously thought it was real. I hate counter clutter too.

  3. whimsicalchaos Says:

    lol… you don’t wanna see my counters lol… but I love that candle… that is amazing!

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