Busy Day

I have had a good day.  I got up and headed off to Water Aerobics.  My teacher sprained her ankle and we had a replacement teacher.  She sucked.  She had no personality.  The swim center is closed for two weeks.  It is going to suck.  Two weeks without exercise!  I am going to have to find an alternate exercise for those two weeks.  After swim class I went to Jodi’s for lunch.  We watched Days of Our Lives and then I fell asleep.  She woke me up after like an hour.  LOL  Then I went to Laura’s and we hung out a while.  After a quick trip to the grocery store I came home to make a great dinner.  We had Ham, Cabbage, Mac & Cheese, and Corn on the Cob.  I also made Brownies.  YUM!  Dinner was so good.  Now I am catching up with my friend Shannon from my old job….Gosh I miss her!  We have made a dinner date for next week. 

I have another meeting about a job tommorrow.  I am wearing my new dress.  I am excited about it.  I love the dress.  This job is at a seafood wholesaler.  It seems interesting and we will see how it goes. 


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