Catch up

Today I went and had lunch with one of my oldest friends’ Mom.  My Friend Tony and I met in 5th grade and became fast friends.  That was 19 years ago and we are still good friends.  We talk more now through Email and some Phone calls, as opposed to hours are hanging out partying.  I remember Tony and I spending anywhere from 2 -8 hours a day on the phone during summer breaks and Christmas holidays.  Well since we were such good friends I knew his family very well, as he knew mine.  I used to go visit his Mom all the time when I lived right around the corner, in my 20’s.  I haven’t seen her in over a year, and we have been chating online recently.  Today we met for lunch and we had a wonderful time catching up.  We had lunch for almost 2 hours today and have made plans to do it again real soon. 

This morning I took Pete to work and I ran to the store to get the last few pieces of a Birthday Presentfor our friends E & K’s little girl.  She is turning 1 this weekend.  It is hard to believe that it was a year ago that this precious little was placed in her parents arms to form their forever family.  E & K adopted little miss Julie when she was just barely two weeks ago.  She is such a sweet sweet little thing!  I love her so much and can not wait to see her this weekend!  After the store I rushed to meet Ms. Debbie, I was almost late.  I am just getting home now, and I have to leave in another 20 minutes or so to go pick Pete up and to get the flowers! 

On Sunday we are going to Pete’s old town to plant flowers on his brother’s grave.  Since his parents moved it has become our job to take care of his brother.  It is weird, his brother died when he was 5 years old in a car accident, I know this boy would have been a 33 year old man if he were alive, but I always think of him as this smiling little boy.  It’s so sad, I get chocked up when we go there, I think about how Pete’s parents had to feel.  I am glad we can make his grave a pretty place!   


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