Weekend in Review

We had a fabulous weekend.  We went to New Jersey for little Miss J’s Birthday Party.  She turned one and her parent’s had a great party for her.  She was so happy and friendly all weekend.  Pete and I really enjoyed visiting with our friends.  I took tons of pictures and if you want to see them, leave me a comment and I will send you the link.  We can not post any pictures of Miss J’s face until the adoption in finalized.  Stupid rules, but everyone has to follow them.  If you are my Flickr friend you can see them already! 

Miss J is running all around.  She is so cute!  I really enjoyed all the extra time we got with her since we were early to the party and spent the night and had all of Sunday morning.  She played with Pete and I like she sees us every weekend.  I wish we seen her and her parents more often, they are some of my favorite people.

On Sunday we left E & K’s house and headed north.  We stopped at Newton’s Pizza and had a cold cut sub and brought a pizza home with us for dinner later.  We drove all around Bloomfield, NJ where Pete went to undergrad school.  He graduated from Bloomfield College.  Then we drove an hour or so and ended up at the camp ground where Pete spend the whole summer for many years during his childhood.  It was cool for him to show me everything.  We want to take a camping trip there this summer.  It looks like a fun fun place!  A lot of the camp sites have people who rent them out for the whole summer, like Pete’s family used to do.  After an hour or so in the Campground we went to the graveyard where we planted about 20 plants on his brother’s grave.  A family tradition was always to stop for Ice Cream after the Grave Yard and who are we to break tradition.  LOL  We got a slushie (me) and a Raspberry Sundae (Pete).  I was hungry again (what is wrong with me)!  We stopped by Hot Dog Johnny’s.  It is a drive in that sells hotdogs, fries, Birch Beer and Buttermilk.  How weird right?  It was very good!  It was time to start our trip home.  Usually a 4 hour drive, it was over 6 yesterday!  I was going crazy in the car that long!

When we got home I heated us up some pizza and we watched our Tivo’ed Sopranos.  O.M.G. they are killing them all off!!!  Then we headed on to bed!  It was around 1am when we went to sleep!       



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