Another One Down!

I have another job interview today.  The money is right, so if we can get a few issues worked out I may have a new job by next week.  I will not stop the Travel Agent job because I love it.  I am excited.  I can not wait to get my hair highlighted and my nails and toes done!  I already have so many plans for that first big paycheck!  This job is in Columbia, about 20 minutes from my house, not as close as the 2 minutes the last one was, but the pay is much better! 

It is so very hot here in Baltimore today, upper 90’s!  I hate being hot and I thank god every day of the summer that I have central air conditioning.  I hope it cools down soon. 

Tonight Pete is at the TOOL concert and I didn’t make plans with one of my friends so I am home watching Medium on DVD.  I tried calling my friend Shannon for a night long chat session, but no answer!  I am glad that Brandon, my brother in law, went to the concert with Pete.  I was really scared that I would have to go.  TOOL is not my kinda music!  I am so much more a pop kinda girl.  Give me American Idol, a little Justin Timberlake or maybe Christina Aquliera and I would be much happier.

This weekend we are going to Lauren’s dance recital.  This is like her 10th or 11th year dancing and she is really good.  I love her dance recitals so much and Pete likes Lauren alot, they get along famously so he always goes too.  This is his 3rd recital for the dance school and he has been to like 6 recitals from middle school/high school.  Lauren went to a special middle school dedicated just to special arts, like dance, music and acting. 

I am getting sleepy already.  I have been so tired the last few days!  I think I may take my DVD up to the bed room and snuggle up to finish watching it!     


One Response to “Another One Down!”

  1. jamie Says:

    Glad to hear the job interview went well! Have faith – what is meant to be will be. I know how you feel though – us girls NEED our highlights and to have our “own” money. LOL

    And I can sympathize about the hot weather. I got in my car today after work and the temp gage said it was 96. UGH. It’s going to be a brutal summer here in good ol Texas. I hate to see how high it will be in August – the hottest month for us.

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