I love weekends.  I love hanging out with Pete on a lazy Sunday!  It’s something I look forward to all week.  Only one more day!  Right now it’s Saturday morning.  I am finishing my DVD of Medium.  This is a great show.  I am so glad my Dad turned me onto it.  Last night Shannon ended up calling me back and we talked until after 11pm.  Then I went to bed before Pete got home.  I have no idea what time he got home.  I am sure I will get the recap once he wakes up! 

I had big plans of flower planting for today, but it’s too damn hot.  I may end up with no flowers in my pots this year.  My mom used to do such beautiful things with this yard, but I don’t the drive to do it.  I wish I did though.  I wonder if she looks down on me and gets pissed off.  LOL 

I have gotten addicted to an online game.  VMK, Virtual Magic Kingdom.  You create a character and you travel around the Magic Kingdom completing “Quests”.  Goodness it is fun!  It makes me want to go back to Disney World so bad.  Pete and I talk about my birthday trip all the time.  I can not wait until the rates for 2008 come out so we can get our trip booked.  They won’t come out until August.  I need the rates so I can decide what hotel we are going to stay at.  If I had all the money in the world we would be staying at Grand Floridian.  Since we don’t, I have picked one out of each of the lower categories.  Polynesian, Port Orleans French Quarter or back at the Pop Century.  We will most likely end up at the Pop Century since the difference between each hotel is over $100.  I can not see wasting money like that!  There are so many choices!  I want to get the most for my money, so we will see! 


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