Lazy Sunday

I love Sunday’s.  Yesterday didn’t disappoint me at all.  I woke up nice and late and snuck out of bed as to not wake the Snoring Bear, opps I mean the sleeping Pete.  I headed downstairs and watched some of my most favorite show ever, 90210.  I still have the finale to watch today….Love TiVo.  When Pete woke up we cooked a good breakfast of Bacon and eggs and then we retreated to the comfy sofa and we watched some of our Netflix.  We snuggled up and watched TV and had a nice teenaged make out session on the sofa.  LOL Then I went and took a marathon bath.  It was great.  I relaxed and read my book; Pete took a nap while I was relaxing.  I came down stairs and woke him up…LOL we were talking about dinner, and since it was Pete’s turn to cook we had Takeout.  So while we were in the car we started talking about our upcoming marriage, no no proposal yet just a little pre planning.  It was good and some of Pete’s suggestions really surprised me.  When we got home we ate and I couldn’t wait for the Soprano’s.  OMG it was awful.  I almost had a panic attack the last few minutes, and then I seriously thought our TV broke…..No Screen no Sound…WTF!  What a letdown.  I almost don’t want to watch anymore HBO series after that crap!


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