Chiropractic Cost and Mail Fraud

Pete’s savings account is quickly fading away.  It is like a distant memory.  Pete has boards in September.  For those who don’t know Pete is a Chiropractor, he has his D.C., Doctorate of Chiropractic.  He is not a practicing Chiropractor yet because he has Boards to finish.  There are 4 parts to the National Boards Test.  Pete has pasted parts one and two.  This fall he is taking part three.  Well the test increase with price each level.  This test is going to set us back about $1200-$1500 not including airfare or lodging.  The tests are for about 5 days in ATLANTA!  The test application, fully notarized and including passport photo (read: more money) is due by July 3rd.  This just sucks, he already has spent 100’s of thousands of dollars for school (not exaggeration).  So this sounds like a huge amount of money, but there is more…..There is a review class for the test that is highly recommended.  He has friends who have taken the test numerous times and failed, then taken the review class and passed with flying colors.  Well the bad part is the review class is a weeklong in ATLANTA at the end of August.  The review class is also not free; it is $500 or so dollars, not to mention $250 for airfare or lodging.  I am dying here.  We are already living like poor people.  God I hope I hear something today about the job I want at the title company.  It seemed good, we had one little thing to agree on.  Cross your fingers! 

Now onto the mail fraud.  LOL Well we have a really nice Mail Man, well Mail Lady.  She is sweet and calls me “Lis, or Lease” like we are friends.  Well when Nikki found out she was pregnant I signed up for all kinds of baby stuff, like magazines and free samples and coupons, then I signed up for coupons for Shannon this past year, so we are always getting baby mail.  Well over a year ago the Mail Lady asked Pete “How’s the Baby?” (assuming we have a baby since we get baby mail all the darn time) Pete answered her with “OH She is Good”,  Then Pete asked me what lie I had told the Mail Lady…LOL  I said none, why and he told about their conversation.  I asked him why he lied, he said he didn’t know what I had said to her…..So now that I am home I see her a lot and she asks me how the baby is all the time, well I can’t tell her Pete is nuts and was trying to protect the lie he thought I had told, so I just say good.  She asked me the other day how old the baby is now, I told her 19 months, which is Ryleah’s age.  LOL  I am just in too deep now, we can’t get out!  Would this be considered Mail Fraud?


3 Responses to “Chiropractic Cost and Mail Fraud”

  1. Ani Says:

    Good luck with Pete with all his tests. Hopefully after he passes, he’ll make loads of money.

    LOL. I don’t think it is mail fraud but it is sure funny.

  2. whimsicalchaos Says:

    well for years I used to get mail that said to the mother of Jeremy… ewww… no idea how that happened but made me laugh… and the poor mail man had no idea what to do…

  3. shannylj Says:

    You are such nerds.

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