Friends and Stuff

Today I am hanging out with Lauren.  We are going to clean the car and watch some life time movies and go out to lunch or something.  Even though Lauren is only 14 she is one of my best friends.  She is like my first niece.  I was the same age she is now when she was born.  That blows me away!  She loves to talk High School gossip with me.  Who is dating who, who in no longer a virgin(!!!), who is the cutest boy, who lied to their parents, who has tried pot, all kinds of high school stuff; funny thing is I love hearing it.  She gets so excited.  Her major crush of the moment is moving away and going to a new High School next year.  She is not happy about it at all.  She likes having me to talk to; there are just some things you can’t tell your mom!  I had her Mom to tell all my secrets to while I was in high school.  Funny how things make a full circle! 

Last night Lauren, Pete and I got take out for dinner and then sat at the table for hours and talked.  Pete taught Lauren how to use his camera and she fell in love with it like I did on Sunday.  It’s funny when Pete joins in on our girlie conversations.  Like when they talk about high school, Pete always has funny stories to share with us.  I think it’s great that Lauren and him get along so well.  She is taking annatomy next year and they are alreay planning homework parties.  Pete is such a Science buff! 

This Sunday I am going to Nikki’s along with Crystal and Dakoda.  We are going to have lunch and let the kids play in the pool!  I cannot wait to take pictures.  Thanks to Ani who sent me DisneyShopping’s promotional Email, I have bought both Ryleah and Dakoda new swim suits.  I am hoping by sheer luck they come on Saturday so I can take them on Sunday!  I treasure the times that Nikki, Crystal and I get together.  It is so important to have friends.  You can have the greatest guy ever in your life, (like I do now) but a relationship with your girl friends never loses importance.  I think all girls need girlfriends.  Girlfriends who support you, who you can tell things to.  All three of us have special guys in our lives, but it doesn’t replace your girls.  I hate those girls who get a boyfriend and think they no longer need their girlfriends.  I also think girls without friends are just weird.  How can you not have any girlfriends to just hang with?  I am lucky because I have not just Nikki and Crystal (and my Jr. best friend Lauren), but I have Shannon and Jodi also.  I have a major support system, great ladies who just get me!  I can’t forget my sister either.  She has became one of my best friends.  I think everyone should have a sister; rather you are a boy or a girl.  I see Nikki’s relationship with her brother and it is wonderful, and I have a sister and ours is wonderful.  I think you can learn a lot from your big sisters.  LOL  Well I think I am going to wake Lauren up.  I know she stayed up all night chatting online and playing on MySpace!  Maybe I’ll let her sleep a little while longer!  LOL 


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  1. Ani Says:

    Glad it worked out!

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