Shoes & Photos

I still can not find my lost shoe!  I am flipping out.  I really need to find it.  I don’t want to have to go out tommorrow and find a new pair that are cheap, look good and that I like.  That’s all I did today, search for that shoe. 

Tommorrow I am going to play along with Shanny’s a Day of Pictures thing.  We are going to take a picture every hour or two and post them showing our days.  There is a flickr group for it.  So I will post the link to my set tommorrow.  If you want to play along, email Shannon at or check out her blog so she can add you to the link list!   

I also may get to see my favorite little girl tommorrow night.  I am so excited about that!  I hope things work out so I can see her!  I hope I get to see her, I have big plans that involve lots of bubbles!



2 Responses to “Shoes & Photos”

  1. shannylj Says:

    OMG please take down my email address! That’s my personal one! Please replace it with I can’t be having wackos filling up my inbox!

  2. shannylj Says:

    But thanks for the plug! xx

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