I do

On Saturday my cousin Michelle got married.  This is Michelle’s 2nd wedding.  I don’t know if I think a blow out wedding is needed the 2nd time around.  I can’t imagine getting married twice.  I know I have never been married and don’t know how I will deal with it when I am, but I cannot imagine getting a divorce.  I can’t imagine falling out of love with Pete; I can’t imagine hating him enough to divorce him.  I also can’t imagine him doing something (like cheating on me, or worse) that would cause me to divorce him or not be able to work out whatever the problem is.  Pete’s friend who is visiting is in the process of a messy divorce that involves lawyers and DNA tests and fighting and all.  I broke down and cried about it last weekend and made Pete promise we will never get divorced.  He promised even thought we are not married yet!  I know there are some reasons to get a divorce, my friend Crystal is in the middle of one that I support 100%, I support Rick’s too!  Some people just aren’t matches, but when I look at these couples I don’t see where they ever were matches, even before they were married and never should have done it.  I just can’t imagine cheating on my husband, which I think is the worst thing ever.  I can’t imagine not wanting to try and make it work.  I am a believer that you are married for life, you stand before your friends and family and more importantly god and make a pledge to be attached to this person for ever.  I think society has made it too easy to just break up; just divorce like it’s no big deal.  My parents split years and years before my Mom died, but never divorced.  My mom and dad believed that marriage was until death do you part, and my Dad has said he will never remarry.  Pete and I had a great time at the wedding.  It was so great to see my family!  I got to see all of my grandparents that are still alive.  I got to see some of my favorite aunts.  Best of all I got to slow dance with my honey!  I hope this marriage works great for Michelle and her new husband!  Click HERE to see all of the pictures.

This is us posing before we go to the wedding:

Lisa and Pete


Laura and Lisa


This is us and our Grandparents

Laura, Grandmom, PopPop and I

Laura, Grandmaw and I.  Grandmaw is my Dad’s Grandmother:

Laura, Grandmaw and I

Me, Aunt Dorothy, Aunt Peggy & Laura:

Lisa, Aunt Dorothy, Aunt Peggy and Laura

Laura and Pete are both nuts!

Laura and Pete

Brandon and I are more mature then them.  LOL

Brandon and Lisa


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  1. Shanny Says:

    Love Brandon’s tie!

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