Fun Friday

I had a fun day. It was my last day off work so I wanted to enjoy it.  I went shopping, cleaned, did laundry, talked on the phone and then Ryleah came over for a visit. Nikki an her hubby went to dinner with her dad and I voluntered to keep my favorite little girl for a few hours. I was so excited on my way home from Pete’s work. I knew Ryleah was at my house and I coulsn’t wait to get home to see her. LOL I made us dinner on the grill and Dakoda and Crystal came by. We had a great time playing and all. I bought a Watermelon at the store today cause I just knew the kids would love it. They did.  It was a great evening.  Check out the pictures here!  Laura stopped by and I took some belly shots. I hope to do it each week. I can’t wait to see the change. She popped out a bunch this week. She goes to the doctor on Tuesday. I am so sad I can’t go with her. I hope they hear the heart beat. I am so excited about this new baby, another little one to love.  Check out these pictures.  I love Dakoda and Ryleah so very much!  They are both such fun kids.  Ryleah currently hates Pete.  She was really clingy at first when he would talk to her.  Just having her hold me so tight made me feel so good. I really think she loves me too.  She also calls me Lisa or Lisie and says my name so much. “No, Lisa” “Ok Lisie” “Stop lisa” “Juice Please Lisa”. It’s like every sentence gets a name in it.  So cute!  She has the sweetest little voice.  Dakoda loves Pete as much as Ryleah hates him.  It’s funny two see the differance! 

9 weeks

Dakoda & Ryleah

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