Out Of My League, I Think Not!

I was watching the View the other day (boy will I miss my shows come Monday) and they were talking about dating out of your league.  There are a few articles about it online too.  Here is one.  On the View they were talking about how pretty people date pretty people and fit people date fit people, rich people date rich people, etc.  Well I have always been pretty (well except for those akward years 8-12) and never been fit and I am middle class, I have dated fit guys and ugly ones, poor guys and well off ones.  LOL I have never once thought a guy was out of my league.  I would call dibs on the hottest guy in the bar in Ocean City, and end up with him at the end of the night, ok that really only happend once, but boy was it a fun night ;).  One guy I dated was a body builder who spent hours at the gym.  He had like 6% body fat (and was hot), while I had (have) like 60%.  I never once thought it was odd, now looking back I wonder if people looked at us funny when we went out places.  Like “What is HE doing with HER?”   I had another ex tell me once that he always went out with chubby girls because he was fat and never thought he could do better.  He also told me I was out of his league and he couldn’t believe I ever went on a second date with him, which was a nice thing to say, rather he was buttering me up or not.  He also pissed me off by telling me that the aforementioned boyfriend, who he had seen pictures of, was out of my league!  I was appalled.  I never once consider ANY guy out of my league.  I didn’t know there were leagues.  Little did I know.  LOL   So last night Shanny and I were talking and we both have dated fit guys and attractive guys and skinny guys and fat guys, etc.  She agreed with me that no one was ever too good or too untouchable for us.  She is so funny!  Then we got to talking about self esteem.  We both are oozing it.  We came to the realization that these leagues are made because people think they are not good enough and we know we are way good enough.  I think people who think little of themselves settle for other people who think little of themselves, thus creating these leagues.  Also I think some people think they cannot do better then a certian type and settle for other people of the same type.  I on the other hand never felt this way.  How about you?  Do you think physically your attractiveness and or size go hand in hand with your mates?  Do you know any couple’s from mixed leagues?  Pete is a big guy, but even if he wasn’t I would love him cause he is a great guy.  I also think if he was skinny he would still love me cause I am a good catch and not too bad on the eyes myself.  Pete is also a Doctor, I, well I am not.  I work in an office and probally always will.  Now I make 4 times minuim wage and by no means am I poor, but I am not rich either.  When I met Pete I assumed he was rich (well a rich doctor isn’t unthinkable).  I expected a Lexus and a Rolex.  Turned out he was poorer then me and has tons of student loans  and a 15 year old car.  So he went from above me financially (in my head anyway) to below me (with all that debt) and never once did it matter to me.  One of the examples on the show was Doug and Carrie from King of Queens.  Carrie was built like a model and Doug, well he was fat, but he is adorable!  So Cute, I would totally be with him.  😉  He is on my freebies list.  I think him and Carrie although one is fat and the other thin were a perfect match!

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3 Responses to “Out Of My League, I Think Not!”

  1. margievz Says:

    That’s so funny. Though I didn’t date much, it wasn’t because I felt like people were out of my league. I was just very picky! I’ve never had poor self esteem. I feel sorry for those that do. My own sister has very poor self esteem, and she feels she doesn’t deserve anything. It’s so sad.

  2. mamamichele Says:

    I have been told that Caitlin’s biological is out of my league.. I never thought about it really. I am pretty happy with myself even if I am a chunky chick. And because of that I never really thought about anyone being “unatainable”

    Who else is on your “freebie list”? Mine includes John Corbett, Nicholas Cage and Trace Adkins.

  3. Bella Says:

    Very interesting! I’ve always had really low self esteem 😦 I’m better now, I’m a work in progress. I never dated much, I was always in a serious relationship. Probably a nice way to hide from the whole dating issue 😉 Your freebie list! Ha! Ha! Ha! My list; Matthew McConaughey! Keith Urban! OMG, I’m like a kid in a candy store all of a sudden – how about Robin Thicke? Hmmm…. oh, and I’m sure there are more; I just cannot think this morning 😦

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