Ocean City – Day 5

My last day….So sad!  I hate when Vacations come to an end.  Now I have to wait until October for my next fix of vacation!  Well sometime before October we are going to go to a Bed and Breakfast for the weekend, so that is sorta vacation, right?  So anyways…..This morning we all slept in again!  It was wonderful.  When I woke up I read some more then I fixed breakfast for everyone.  Then I had to pack.  YUK!  I packed up my suitcase and bags and my Dad and Brandon helped my load them all into the car.  My Dad, Laura and Brandon and I headed to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum.  It was fun.  The best part was this mirror they had and right under it they were playing a tape about rolling your tongue and everyone (us included) stood in front of the mirror and tried it.  Well it was a two way mirror so everyone seen you looking silly as their last attraction.  It was great!  I bought some Taffy to bring back to work, walked on the boardwalk some and headed to the car to start my drive home.  I was so sad to leave my family there, but so excited to be going home to Pete.  I stopped by the Bath and Body Works outlet and got Pete some soap.  He goes through it so fast.  I also stopped and got him some fudge.

Tight Fit

Assawoman Bay  Ocean City Maryland


I talked to Crystal and Shannon on the way home, stopping for fruit from a local fruit stand and dinner from a local eastern shore chicken place.  I made it home in time to pick Pete up from work.  I have never been so happy to see him. 

We had our chicken dinner and he gave me my surprise.  It is a pair of flipflops pin.  A Disney collector Pin.  On one flip flop is Cinderella and on the other is the Fairy Godmother.  How sweet is my boy!  We laid on the sofa and watched Big Love and Entourage then I read all my blogs I have missed and wrote this up.  We are getting ready for bed now!  It will feel so great to fall asleep in his arms tonight!

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Ocean City – Day 4

Today we all slept in.  It was really nice.  I went to Anthony’s and got us all breakfast.  After breakfast we all got beach ready, which in our family of freckled Redhead’s/Blonde’s means lots of sunblock.  We headed over to Assateague Island to go swimming and look for horses.  We did both!  We also rode waves with the boogie boards, read, played with a Hermit Crab, and soaked up some sun, from under our umbrellas.  LOL  A storm started to roll in so after a few hours we threw in the towel and headed back to the condo to shower. 

Look at thier faces!

Laura and I napped and Brandon and Dad fished.  After cleaning up we headed to the famous Harborside Bar and Grill for some Orange Crushes and dinner.  Laura had a small choking incident with a fish bone that kinda ruined the fun atmosphere of dinner.  We stopped near my Mom’s memorial tree and took some pictures of the sunset.  I got a few really good ones of Laura and Brandon.  We dropped the leftovers from dinner off at the condo and we headed to the Prim Plaza Hotel Pool Bar to hear some more Randy Lee.  I got a little toasted and we all had a good time.  It was a great fun filled relaxing vacation day!  We all pretty much crashed soon as we got home!     

Laura & Brandon

Ocean City – Day 3

Last night I slept horribly.  It was hot hot hot out in the living room.  I woke up early and read some of my book.  Dakoda and Crystal got up and we sat on the back deck and waved to some boats and talked for a while.  Dakoda had some breakfast and then Laura and Brandon got up.  Crystal got all packed up again and I helped her load the car up and said goodbye to her and my favorite little guy!

I laid around and read some more and enjoyed just being on vacation.  I talked to Pete and he told me he has a surprise for me.  I love surprises.  My Dad finally got to the Ocean around 5 and we got showers and got dressed and Laura, Dad, Brandon and I went to M.R. Ducks.  It was drizzling so we cleaned off some chairs and sat under our umbrellas and watched Randy Lee, one of my Dad’s favorites, perform music.  We ate dinner out on the deck overlooking the boats.  It was a great night.




Dad & his Date

When Randy Lee was done we headed back to the condo to watch a movie, Dad and Laura fell asleep and I had already seen Night at the Museum so I went to my room typed this up and read some of my book, until I feel asleep.     

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Ocean City – Day 2

I woke up this morning and Dakoda was already up.  I asked him why he didn’t wake me up and he said he was told not to.  I told him it was fine and he could wake me up tomorrow.  Laura called to see if Crystal, Dakoda and I wanted to go to breakfast.  When Laura got there Dakoda asked her and Brandon if they wanted to “watch him” go potty.  They declined, but I went in the bathroom and cheered him on.  He picked vacation week to potty train himself.  Go figure.  I helped Crystal pack some, then I took Dakoda with me and Laura to get breakfast.  He was a good boy and ate well.  We also let him play in my ice water, so that helped him be good. 

After we got done breakfast we helped Crystal load up my car and hers and then we all went to my Dad’s condo.  We unpacked and got ready for the beach.  Dakoda was so excited.  We met Ryleah and Nikki at Nikki’s dad’s condo and we all headed to the beach.  The kids just had the best time playing together.  I had a pretty darn good time myself.  The water was nice and cold.  Thankfully I didn’t get sunburned.  We spent a good 4 hours on the beach.  We decided to go home shower and then meet up at the rides later that night.  Dakoda fell asleep in the 5 minutes it took us to drive back to my Dad’s condo.  Ryleah napped too. 

Week 13

Nikki called about an hour past when we were going to meet up and the crowds were so bad she couldn’t get down to the inlet where the rides were, either could Laura.  So Crystal and I put Dakoda on some rides.  I rode the carousel with him.  FUN!  We called it a night.  Crystal and I are just sitting here talking as I type this up.  We are also watching a proposal story and Crystal is making fun of me cause I am crying.  I am such a sap!

One Day........

Ocean City – Day 1

Well tonight I got down to Ocean City and Dakoda was very happy to see me.  We played a little bit and watched some TV.  I was holding him as he fell asleep.  Crystal and I stayed up awhile and talked, then I went to bed as she stayed up til 4am fighting with Dakoda’s Dad.  Fun Stuff!



Lisa, Crystal & Dakoda

Longest Day

Fridays are always long days, but Friday when you are going on vacation are super super long.  I got everything packed and I am ready to go.  I am going to go home pack up my cooler, grab a book or two and get Pete to load up the car, get my back and neck adjusted, burn my new Hairspray CD and hit the road, after a quick stop by my Dad’s to get the condo key!  I now with I would have got my nails done before vacation, but oh well.  They will be fine, just a bit long.  I can not wait to get to Ocean City.  It is going to be fun.  I talked to Crystal’s little boy Dakoda on the phone.  He was telling me all about Ocean City and how he loved it.  This is his first time there.  I have done four files so far this morning, ate a bagel (work provides breakfast on Fridays), listen to lots of XM Radio (I love having this at work) and it is still only 11am!  5:00 can not come fast enough.  LOL  I know I overpacked, I will only be there four nights, but you never know when you will spill something on yourself.  I talked to my Dad this morning and he is all ready for vacation too.  I love spending time with my family and I love Ocean city, so this is the perfect combination!       

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