First Day Jitters

I was a bit nervous this morning.  I kept waking up from like 4am on.  It was driving me crazy, and then I just got up and got in the shower.  I really like all the people at my new job!  I also like the benefits.  I went intoday and found out I have 7.5 vacation days effective right away and then I will get 15 vacation days come January 1st.  You can also carry over the extra days.  I also only have to pay $64 a month for my insurence.  I signed up for the 401K.  My employer will match up to 3% so of course I will contribute 3%.  In just a year I will have a little over $2,600!  That will be great!  I am also having extra taken out of my check each week for taxes.  I always claim 0 and get a good return, this way it will be a bit extra in the refund!  I will need it this year!  I came home from work and Pete and I had dinner, I checked my blogs and now I am ready for bed.  I got alot of work done today, it was great.

I found something out today that was pretty neat.  I worked for a company a few yeas ago.  When I was hired I knew it was because there was an employee who had left the aforementioned company and took all of the other employees with him, so they were restaffing the whole office.  I only worked for this company two months or so and they had to let all of us new employees go because not only did this guy take the staff with him, he also took the business and the company had no money to pay us.  The new company opened right in the same building as the old company.  Well the new company flurished and that would be the company that I am currently working for!  How odd.  It’s weird to be working back in Columbia!     

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