Laura went to the doctor today and everything went great!  Laura was taking to my Dad and she said “Goodbye, Pop-Pop, Poppie, Grandpop, Pop, Grandfather, or whatever you want to be called”.  My dad busts out with “Popeye, I want to be called Popeye!”  LOL  So my Dad is now offically “Popeye”!  How cute is that!  It totally fits his crazy self!  I love it.  I was talking to Pete about what his parents will be when we have kids.  He said his dad will most likely be “Grandpop”.  I picture his dad as a “Gramps” and his Mom as a “Grammy”.  My Mom used to tell me she wanted to be called “GrandMaMa”!  What did/do you call your Grandparents, how about your kids?

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Quick Update!

Laura just called.  Her first doctor’s visit went great!  They seen the heartbeat and it was good and strong and they set her due date at February 1st.  She is weighing in at a heafty 119.5!  LOL  She goes back in two weeks for a follow up of test and stuff.  They tested for CF and normal girlie test!  I am so excited!  She didn’t get a picture because they were out of paper, but she will get one in two weeks.

1st Doctor's Visit