Sunday, Lazy Sunday

Pete and I had a great Sunday.  We laid just like this on the sofa and watched Disc one of Survivor from the 1st Season and then took naps.  Don’t we look cozy?  Pete’s Mom made us these great blankets for Christmas last year.  They were our color inspiration for the new living room.

Lazy Sunday

For dinner we had Pizza from our favorite Pizza Palor. You know it’s a good one when they sell pizza by the slice. Tonight I am going to wash a load or two of clothes and watch Entourage. That is about it. I love that we have the opportunity to just do nothing.

After spending the day with Crystal, Nikki and Kids yesterday it made me a little sad that thier kids are so close in age and by the time I have kids Ryleah and Dakoda will be older and it won’t be as fun for play dates. Maybe by then Nikki and Crystal will be on kid number two, LOL. Then I have a day like today, a day of doing nothing and I realize how lucky I am. I am not yet ready to be soley responsible for the upbringing of a whole other human. I like my freedom, I like having extra money, I like sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I can not wait to have children, well maybe I can wait, I can easily wait 2 years or so. LOL In the meantime I have Ryleah, Dakoda and my new niece or nephew to full my child void!

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