Guest and Cramps and Purple Stuff

Pete’s sister got in last night and we have a great time visiting.  We had a good dinner and we watched the DVD I made from our last Disney Trip!  Pete told her all about how great it was.  We stayed up late talking and catching up.  She brought Pete some nice gifts too.  She is such the protective older sister.  This Sunday Pete and his sister are going to get portraits taken as a gift for their parents for their Anniversary.  This will be their 41st wedding anniversary in August.  I hope Pete and I have such a good marriage one day.  Today Pete and his sister went to the Harbor and the Aquarium.  I am so glad they went today with out me!  You can only visit the tourist traps of your city so many times. 

Stop reading if you don’t want to hear about my Period Problems.

My Period is always every 28 days.  ALWAYS, ever since like 3 years ago when I stopped pumping my body full of those crazy drugs, AKA Birth Control Pills.  Well the past three month my period has been late causing me to have a heart attack for the past three months.  This month it was the latest, showing up a full 4 days late.  OMG!  I so do not want a baby.  Not now, not until I am married.  Well these cramps are killing me.  The past 6 months I have been able to lay in bed and cry over my cramps, not this month.  I have to sit and work and tear up when they get real bad.  The doctors have said the only way to cure them is to; a. Have a Baby or b. go back on Birth Control Pills.  These just are not options for me.  I do think once I have a baby I am going to get an IUD.  It seems like the perfect Birth Control.  I know a few people who have them and love them.   

I found me a Purple Mouse Pad and a Wrist rest today at work.  Purple things make me so happy.  I am in search of a purple stapler now.  It is it Purple, Pink or Glitters then I love it no matter what it is.  I am attracted to pretty things!

 I hope everyone has a great weekend! 


4 Responses to “Guest and Cramps and Purple Stuff”

  1. whimsicalchaos Says:

    get the birth control shot… no periods and doesn’t get messed up when you are on antibotics… hehehe…

  2. Ani Says:

    Aaach that sounds so horrible. I’m sorry.

  3. jamie Says:

    IUD’s are good. Some people close to me use those. I’m a good old fashioned birth control pill user. After bleeding for years and having a D&C, I finally started the pills and haven’t looked back. Now I don’t even have a period, which is odd, given the fact that I bled for so long. At my next gyno visit, I’m going to have to ask why I’m not bleeding anymore now. I swear, it’s feast or famine. Ugh. Girl stuff is so complicated. AND GROSS. lol

  4. Bella Says:

    Ha! Ha! For some reason, I actually have a purple stapler! It’s little w/ a magnet on the back and sits on the fridge – the staples are purple too – my friend got it for me along with a bunch of other office supplies for my birthday in the hope of helping me get organized. Sadly, it didn’t work. Anyway, this last period for me was THE worst too, mine was 4 days early! I never saw it coming and actually convinced myself that I had the stomach flu because I was in so much pain, I never thought I’d be happy to get a visit from “Aunt Flo” but I’ll take that over stomach flu any day! I’m sorry you are having a bad time! You are not alone but that probably doesn’t make you feel much better! Sorry!

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