Week 11

Week 11

Laura doesn’t look as pokey outie this week.  But you can see her little belly had moved up alot.  Instead of growing out it grew up!  I only give her another 4 weeks or so until she needs some pants, either maternity ones or some bigger ones!  She is so cute right now!  I can not wait until “our baby” comes.  That is what I have been calling it this week.  LOL I know it is physically Laura’s baby, but it is all of ours, it the first in our family and we are all so excited! 


Disney Vacation

My friend Tony and his lovely girl Marie are in the most Magical Place on Earth this week.  All week I have been assisting him in his planning, what means I have laid out a minute by minute itinerary for them to follow at Tony’s insistence.  They arrived at MCO Airport at 9am and that is when the text messaging started.  Tony is a nervous netty to start with and he just didn’t believe me that it would go off perfectly.  He called me from their “Upgraded” hotel room.  They have a water-view and paid for a standard.  While I was talking to him about how perfect it all has went so far I could hear Marie squealing in the back ground.  This is her first trip.  I am so excited for them.  Tony told me he will call me later to let me know how it is all going.  Tony was convinced that his room would not be ready when they checked in.  I told him there was a good chance it would be.  He was impressed!  I am so happy to have these calls. It is like I am vacationing through them!  LOL

M & M