This has been a busy weekend, but boy was it a nice time.  On Thursday night after work I picked up Pete and his sister from the Marc Train.  It was really nice to see Ann.  We got home and I cooked us a fantabulous dinner while Pete and Ann hung out up stairs and talked and caught up.  After dinner we watched some TV and Pete and Ann stayed up until 2am!!!  I retired around 11.   


On Friday they had a good time touring the Inner Harbor and the National Aquarium.  There are some Flickr Pictures on the side bar from the trip.  I hate going to the Aquarium so I am so glad they went without me.  I have seen it and it is one of those places filled with out of towners!  It is also a you seen one fish you have seen them all kinda place, reserved for school field trips!  Friday after work Ann treated Pete and I to McCormick & Schmick’s for dinner.  Dinner was so good.  It was my first time there.  I got Steak and Pete and his sister got Lobster Thermadore.  The highlight of the dinner was desert.  Now I am not a desert girl, I don’t like cake, cookies, pies, etc.  Well I had Orange Creamcicle Crème Brule. O.M.G.  It was so freaking good!  It was a lovely evening with a cool breeze blowing and it was nice to be down on the water.  We came home and hung out some more, I went to sleep and Pete and Ann stayed up talking some more.  It is so funny when Ann talks she refers to their parents as her parents, for example “I was talking to my Mom and she said….”  LOL It cracks Pete and me up.  She doesn’t talk to Pete nearly as much as other people so she is in habit of saying her parents or her family.  LOL  So funny! 

On Saturday we got up and headed to the Amish Market.  We got lots of homemade candy and deserts.  Ann really enjoyed it.  We came home and Laura came over for her weekly belly shot photo session.  I hope to take one each week.  How nice will that be to look back on.  The four of us went to Seaside for Crabs and dinner.  Again Ann insisted on picking up the tab.  Laura felt bad since they don’t really know each other.  It’s so cute the way Ann wants to take care of Pete.  She is 9 year older then he is so it is logical.  We got home and watched a movie and then Pete realized he had left his phone at the restaurant.  So we all got into the car at 10pm and headed back to Seaside.  Pete’s phone was there waiting for him.  Then to continue the trend of deserts we went to Brewster’s.  I can’t eat Ice Cream so I had Black Raspberry Frozen Yogurt with Pineapple on top.  So yummy!  Who needs Ice Cream.  When we got home I took a nice long bath to help my cramps and went to bed! 

Today we all slept until around 9am and then I got up and made us all breakfast.  Pete and his sister got dressed and we went to Sears.  I had made the suggestion that they get a portrait taken for their parent’s as an anniversary gift.  They pictures turned out good, but the photographer was a flake.  After taking the pictures he set us up at a computer and told us to edit them and add boarders and all our selves and then left us for 45 minutes.  Pete and Ann picked out on 10X13, two 8X10’s and 6 5×7’s.  When the dumb ass rang us up he said it would be $97.  Then quickly changed it to $77.  I was like I don’t think so.  The photos were $7.99 a sheet and $14.99 for the sitting fee.  That should have been $54.94.  Well then he said that is was extra for the options we picked and all.  He was at the computer reading things off and I said “What are you looking at?”  I walked around the desk to look at his computer and told him no this was unacceptable and that he had to do something because all he did was snap the pictures, and left us alone and didn’t explain things etc.  Pete at this point walked away cause he was dying wanting to laugh.  We walked out of there with a bill of $51.  LOL Pete and Ann laughed about it all the way home.  I just wasn’t having it, that guy was awful.  We did get some really nice pictures!!!  After the pictures we headed to the store and got the makings of BBQ Nachos.  Then Ann and I headed to the Airport to get her rental car.  We had a great afternoon and a great dinner.  Ann left around 4:30 to head to NJ to visit friends for the week.  She will be back on Thursday and then flys home to AZ on Saturday.  Pete and I were planning on heading to the movies to see Harry Potter, but I fell asleep at 6:15 and slept until 9:45.  I am not anywhere near tired, but have to go to bed soon since I am forced to work!  I do get my first check tomorrow!  I don’t know if it will be for one or two weeks. 

I am hoping for two!  LOL So did everyone have a good weekend?  I hope so! 

3 Responses to “Weekend”

  1. Ani Says:

    Sounds like nice weekend.

  2. shannylj Says:

    I wanna see the Pete/Ann Sears pics!

  3. mamamichele Says:

    It sounds like you had such a good week… have been at summer camp with the kiddos. Glad your week went well. BBQ nachos? do tell. I am highly interested in that idea.

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