Mexico – Passports

I have received a bunch of comments and emails about our Mexican Holiday and the need to apply for Passports ASAP.  We don’t need passports because we are flying into AZ, where Pete’s parents live, and then renting a car and driving the three hours down into Mexico.  Pete’s friends live only about two hours over the border.  With the plane tickets, hotel and rental car, not to mention new clothes (hey I am going to Mexico, I need some new things to wear), and gas and food and wedding gifts, we just don’t want to spend the $200 plus rushing fees for a passport.  We also have to pay like $50 to get a copy of Pete’s Birth Certificate, so we will apply for passports before the end of the year, but right now I am busy finding out all about driving in Mexico and Insurance and all!  Here is a link to the web site, the official US Government one.  Saying that we can use a Birth Certificate and Photo ID.

I am so very excited.  Pete’s friends are super nice and have really cool things planned for us for the weekend!  It will be a great trip.  I can not wait to take pictures of everything.  Last time I went to Mexico I didn’t have a digital camera, let along the good one I have now! 

I just keep thinking about the sun, the sand, the water, the friends!  It is going to be such a fun Mini Vacation!