One Week and Counting

Nikki, Lisa & Crystal

This picture was taken the last time (or right around the time) we went on vacation together. Hopefully we can get one taken of the three of us this time.

We used to vacation with our big group of friends. There would be us three and atleast 3 or 4 of “the Guys”. One year alot of us got peirced (what the hell was I thinking, I still have the scar). I got my eyebrow peirced, Crystal her Belly Button, Tony got his nipples done (and cried!!), and a few other guys made permanant holes in themselves. LOL We would take so much Alcohol with us we could open a liqueur store.

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This is a picture of our fridge in the condo from that year we all got pierced up! Do you see any food…Um not so much! LOL We were drunk the entire week. Oh and so many funny things happened. We got stalked by this guy who rode Crystal down to OC, but she wasn’t interested on him she had her eyes on one of “Our Guys”. She got him too! We had tons of parties. We flirted with a very hot Mark.  We took super soakers and squirted people off of our balcony.  We even made it to the beach one day! LOL Oh those were the days!


One Response to “One Week and Counting”

  1. shannylj Says:

    Y’all are gonna have so much fun! Wow- check out that row of bangs!

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