Ocean City – Day 3

Last night I slept horribly.  It was hot hot hot out in the living room.  I woke up early and read some of my book.  Dakoda and Crystal got up and we sat on the back deck and waved to some boats and talked for a while.  Dakoda had some breakfast and then Laura and Brandon got up.  Crystal got all packed up again and I helped her load the car up and said goodbye to her and my favorite little guy!

I laid around and read some more and enjoyed just being on vacation.  I talked to Pete and he told me he has a surprise for me.  I love surprises.  My Dad finally got to the Ocean around 5 and we got showers and got dressed and Laura, Dad, Brandon and I went to M.R. Ducks.  It was drizzling so we cleaned off some chairs and sat under our umbrellas and watched Randy Lee, one of my Dad’s favorites, perform music.  We ate dinner out on the deck overlooking the boats.  It was a great night.




Dad & his Date

When Randy Lee was done we headed back to the condo to watch a movie, Dad and Laura fell asleep and I had already seen Night at the Museum so I went to my room typed this up and read some of my book, until I feel asleep.     

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  1. mamamichele Says:

    It sounds like you are having a nice restful vacation.. Ohhhh I hate surprises.. Id be crazy with anticipation by the time I got home.. its funny though I PERSONALLY hate surprises. BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE to pull them on other people. Last sping I told my girls they had a surprise in store and kept pumping them up on it, until one night we got them ready for bed and took them to my parents house. Where I popped in the WDW planning video and we watched it begining to end… then really loud so they’d be sure to hear I said. “WOW.. that looks like FUN.. Steven, lets go to Disney World.” All campy and silly he goes.. “when?” I respoded. “ummmm how about right now?” The kids of course went nuts. completely crazy. It was about 3 hours before we left for florida, but honestly it was THE best surprise ever.

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