Ocean City – Day 4

Today we all slept in.  It was really nice.  I went to Anthony’s and got us all breakfast.  After breakfast we all got beach ready, which in our family of freckled Redhead’s/Blonde’s means lots of sunblock.  We headed over to Assateague Island to go swimming and look for horses.  We did both!  We also rode waves with the boogie boards, read, played with a Hermit Crab, and soaked up some sun, from under our umbrellas.  LOL  A storm started to roll in so after a few hours we threw in the towel and headed back to the condo to shower. 

Look at thier faces!

Laura and I napped and Brandon and Dad fished.  After cleaning up we headed to the famous Harborside Bar and Grill for some Orange Crushes and dinner.  Laura had a small choking incident with a fish bone that kinda ruined the fun atmosphere of dinner.  We stopped near my Mom’s memorial tree and took some pictures of the sunset.  I got a few really good ones of Laura and Brandon.  We dropped the leftovers from dinner off at the condo and we headed to the Prim Plaza Hotel Pool Bar to hear some more Randy Lee.  I got a little toasted and we all had a good time.  It was a great fun filled relaxing vacation day!  We all pretty much crashed soon as we got home!     

Laura & Brandon