Back to School

Last night I went with Jodi and Lauren to Lauren’s Back to School night.  It was so odd walking through the school halls of my Alma Mater.  We went to a assembly when I ripped my favorite Jean Capri’s on the metal (the arm rest was missing) and then we walked lauren’s schedule.  Class to class, upstairs to down stairs.  It was kinda fun.  As we were leaving Lauren says to me and Jodi “You know my teachers probally think I have two mom’s, that you guys are lesbians”.  LOL  I didn;t even think that.  I was just visiting Jodi and she was like, “Hey do you want to go?” and I said “Sure”!  LOL  Lauren has some hard classes this year.  She is in all honors classes.  I hope she keeps her grades up and can get lots of college scholarships. 

The Power of Chiropractic

Ok so yesterday my back was KILLING ME!  As I wrote yesterday I could hardly get out of bed when I woke up.  I sat on the edge of the bed and cried real tears for atleast 5 minutes.  I would have rated my pain atleast an 8 on a 1 -10 scale.  I went to the Chiropractor (ugh hate having to pay for what I can get at home for free) last night.  He adjusted me and it was still a bit sore afterwards, but was already feeling better.  Then I went to dinner with my favorite little man, Dakoda and his momma Crystal.  That was nice and as the night went on my back did feel better and better.  Then I drove over an hour to Nikki’s house and I was still feeling alot better.  This morning I woke up and if I had to rate my pain it would have been a 3, now it’s down to a 1.5 or so.  This is just another little bit of proof that Chiropractic can and does help!

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Prettiest Girl In the World

Yesterday morning Nikki told me a story about a conversation that she had with her husband.  At the end he replied “No one knows how to take care of her like You, Me or Lisa” (or something along those lines).  It made me feel really good that these parents trust me so wholeheartedly with the life of their child.  I love Ryleah more then imaginable.  She is smart and funny and cute as can be!  Well Nikki and Jason had to be somewhere at 6:30am this morning and on the way home from work she realized she needed someone to take Ryleah to school in the morning.  Ryleah can only be at daycare for 10 hours a day and they had already set it up for Nikki’s brother to pick her up today at 5 or so.  Well I offered to drive up last night and then take her this morning.  Now Nikki has never left Ryleah overnight, there has never been a 24 hour period of time that she hasn’t seen her child.  She may have been out while the babysitter (95% of the time me) has put her to bed, or Nikki may have left for work while Ryleah was asleep, but was home to put her to bed that night.  I am sure that is how I will be too, I mean that child is your life!  So anyway I was a tiny bit nervous about being the adult walking into Ryleah’s room to wake her up this morning.  I got myself all ready, loaded the car and then walked into Ryleahs Room.

Ryleah's Room

Isn’t it pretty? Well she was laying in bed awake. She looked over at me and said “Hi Yweesa”. I said “Hi Baby” then she shrugged her shoulders and said “Where’s Mommy?” I told her Nikki went to work and that I was going to take her to school. I asked if that was ok and she said Yeah. LOL Then we kissed bunny and I took her to the changing table and changed her then got her all dressed. We talked a little and sang. Then we went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. She let me do her hair into cute little Pig Tails.

Pretty in PinkBack of Pony Tails

When we were all done in the bathroom, when she tossed her tooth brush in the sink and said “ALL DONE”, we went downstairs. She had her juice and her gummy vitamin and off to school we went. On the way she pointed to alot of things and asked “What’s Dat Yweesa, What’s Dat?” It’s a truck that is digging a hole, It’s a school bus, It’s corn” Over and over again. She also complimented me on my Cinderella “purse”, which I use as an overnight bag. We sang a little Cinderelli, Cinderelli.

RyleahThinking about School

I was sad when we got to school because I had to drop her off. I took her into the school and she showed me her cubby and then I took her outside to meet up with the other kids. It was a great morning.

Pretty Girl

This was the last thing I seen this morning. How could you not love this face.

(Sorry for the low resulution Pictures…I forgot my camera and had to use my phone!)

UGH….My Back

I woke up this morning and I could hardly move.  My back is so so sore!  O.M.G.  I don’t know what I did to my lower back, but it literally made me cry tears this morning.  It figures, all this back pain while my Chiropractor is out of town!  I called Pete this morning and told him how horrible it felt and he told me to call Dr. Trish.  She is a Chiropractor I have seen before Pete and I dated, and when we first started dating.  She used to adjust Pete before he found the guy he goes to now.  Well thankfully she can fit me in today.  Boy how knew how used to something you get.  I woke up and my back hurt some and I thought to myself “Oh I will get Pete to fix me up after breakfast”!  UM NO!  That isn’t going to work since he is having breakfast in Atlanta!  LOL

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View From the Top

Sunday night after dinner Laura, Brandon and I went to Rita’s to get an itailan ice.  They didn’t have any of my favorites, so I got Mango….It left much to be desired.  How can they not have Lemon!!!  I don’t understand it. 

Well anyway we decided to take my dad some water ice.  He works at the airport on the weekends and we like to go visit him every once in a while.  He took us up to the tippy top of the new big parking garage to check out the view.  He is all offical and can move the barricades so we could get to the top top.  It is usually blocked off to the public.  Well the view was breathtaking.  I took some pictures.  We stayed almost an hour watching planes take off and land.  There was even a nice cool breeze blowing.  Ahhh….How nice!  Here are some pictures from the top!

Laura and Brandon


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Dinner Date

I got to leave work early today.  I love that!  I had plans to meet my friend Shannon for dinner.  I left work a 1/2 hour early and met Shannon at our favorite Pizza place.  We were there from 5pm til almost 9pm, like 8:40pm!  I didn’t get home til 9:00pm.  We laughed and gossiped so much!  It was so great to catch up.  We worked together for over a year and had become fast friends.  She is so funny and we get along famously.  We ate pizza and talked.  It was so good to catch up.  We seen this guy there that I went to High School with.  Poor guy working at a pizzeria at 30 years old.  But boy was/is he a hottie.  I told Shannon I thought that was him and them when we went to leave she hollers “Bye James”  He flashed us his sexy smile and said “Bye Ladies”.  Of course we busted in to giggles and laughed our way to our cars.  It was a great night.  It’s so fun to catch up with old friends.

I have been using my single-time wisely.  I have had great long phone calls, super friend get-to-gethers and family fun nights.  I still have 5 nights to go.  I miss Pete so much.  He is like my best friend, well my bestfriend/favorite person!  Not to replace my best girlfriends.  It is weird going all morning without talking.  I don’t make his breakfast or lunch.  I don’t pick out his clothes and make sure they are all perfect.  It’s weird.  Some of the good things are that I get to do are; sleep in a hour longer, I get to leave for work later since I am not taking him to work, I get to use up all the hot water in bath in the morning, I get to sleep in the middle of the bed, I get to watch what I want on TV!  The cons are that we aren’t together for that drive home to discuss our days, I have to cook dinner for one (see why I been going out), I don’t have my sweetie to snuggle with while falling asleep, I can’t watch any of our TiVoed shows that are mutual favorites (like Greek, Psych, Big Love just to name a few) and that we have to remember all of our important stuff while we talk at night on the phone. 

I have made reservations at a Bed and Breakfast for once Pete is all done his tests.  We will have a relaxing weekend in the country!  I can’t wait (just a few weeks), Pete deserves a nice break.

The Perls of Being Pregnant

Laura came to Nikki’s Party.  I was so glad she made it up to PA to party and have a good time.  After all of the lights went out Laura had to pee.  Being with child she has to pee a lot.  Well she comes up to me and she is bouncing all around doing the pee dance.  She has a pair of pants, capris that she wears all the time.  They are maternity and have elastic and a draw string.  Well Laura couldn’t get them untied.  She tried and tried, but just made them tighter.  She was *THIS CLOSE* to peeing her pants.  We couldn’t stop laughing.  I was on my knees trying to untie the very tight knot with my teeth.  We couldn’t get it so we run upstairs and I help her force her tiny bit of chub up past the draw string and she pulled down her pants.  She peed for a full minute at least!  She took her pants all the way off and I get the knot undone with my teeth.  LOL  It was so so funny, us in the dark bathroom wrestling with these pants!  LOL  Too funny!


Brandon snapped this picture with his camera phone in the dark while I was trying to untie her pants!

Week 18

Week 18


Week Eighteen

  • Vernix (a white cheese-like protective material) forms on baby’s skin with the lanugo (soft, lightly pigmented hair covering the body and limbs); both serving to protect your baby’s skin during the months in water.
  • Your placenta continues to grow and nourish the baby. Don’t forget those prenatal vitamins!

  • Tiny air sacs called alveoli begin to form in lungs. He’ll be putting these lungs to good use in just a few months!

  • Her vocal chords are formed. She goes through the motions of crying but without air she doesn’t make a sound.

  • Features of your baby’s heart, including ventricles and chambers, should be visible during an ultrasound.

  • Your baby measures about 5.59 inches (14.2cm) this week and weighs about 6.7 ounces (190gm).


Party on Wayne…..

Party on Garth.  LOL  I love that movie.   

Anyway yesterday was Nikki and Jason’s party.  Crystal, Dakoda and I headed to PA a little after noon.  It was an easy peasy drive up.  We get there and I made my meatballs and we put all of our overnight things upstairs.  We had big plans of drinking and then spending the night.  The party got off to a good start.  They had a good turn out with a nice mix of family and friends.  My sister came and Brandon made a good connection with Nikki’s uncle who works for the same Police Department as Brandon and they talked about different job opportunities for Brandon.  It would be great if they worked out.  We headed down to the basement where it was about 20 degrees cooler (of course yesterday would be about 100 degrees) and we were jamming to some good music.  Nikki and Jason transformed their unfinished basement into a semi dance club.  Jason was DJing and we were all enjoying ourselves then silence!  The power in Nikki’s whole neighborhood went out.  Dakoda screamed, but it didn’t faze Ryleah.  We eventually went upstairs and the party kinda moved out front.  Well it was hot as can be and Dakoda was miserable.  We took the kids for some walks and avoided Dakoda asking to go home like 100 times.  It was getting later and the lights were not back on so Crystal and I decided to head home.  We didn’t want to leave we were having a good time, but we knew we could never go to sleep in that heat, and Crystal knew there was no way in hell Dakoda was going to go to sleep.  Poor thing was a hot sweaty mess!

It is a real shame that the storm ruined the party, it was on it’s way to being a good one!

Future Mr. & Mrs.


Me and My Girl

Who Knew Flickr Doubled as a XXX Site…….

Last night Shannon and I made a scary discovery!  Flickr has Porn!  Real porn!  Free Porn!  We found it because Shannon was telling me about how she thinks Lisanne has a foot fetish admirer.  She is part of the “Feet Up” Flickr group in addition to Shannon’s “Flip Flop” Flickr group.  Shannon had a guy join that had Lisanne and herself listed as a friends and family.  We thought that was weird so Shannon blocked him from her “Flip Flop” group.   Well he is also part of groups like “Lick it for Luck” and “Uncut and Hung” and “Dirty Coochies” and “It Can’t Lick Itself”.  So then we started looking around and found a guy who’s Flickr name is “Big Thunder Cock”  and let me tell you it was!  I have seen the photographic evidence!  I have seen some of the biggest members you can even imagine!  I don’t know how these guys even walk!  We were/still are flabbergasted.  We had no idea that Flickr was full of porn!  We found pictures of naked middle aged ladies pleasuring themselves and old guys on their outside patios sticking vibrators with wires attached up their rear ends!  It was amazing all of the things that women will insert into their openings!  It’s all on Flickr.  The site I share my photos on.  They also are not marked private!  They are out there for the world to see!  One of my favorites was a group of pictures taken by a man who apparently brings home one nighters from the local tavern gets them drunk and then has them strip down to their see through size 52DD bras to then take pictures of them.  There were men posting naked ass shots of their wives asking for comments!  You wouldn’t believe how many people take pictures of themselves getting oral sex!  Shannon and I were laughing like 13 year olds who found their older brothers playboy collection for the first time!  We seen things we could never even imagine!  How do people get turned on by this crap.   Perverted sexual devients!  Ok so I know you all want to go see some of these pictures, let me tell you how?  You click on search; then you click on advanced search; then you click “safe search off”; then you type in the box what your heart desires.  You wil be shocked at the results.  Oh come on you know you are going to try it!  I just called Shannon and we had to go and check out a few more once we found out that we were each was posting an identical blog entry!  We are all giggling again.  At one point Shannon says, and I quote “Lisa your right, that is her Hairy Ass”  LOL  I feel bad for her poor hubby who is sitting in the same room at she is!

Ok what I really love it Flickr’s humor.  At the top of the screen it has a semi disclosure that says:

 If you’ve changed your mind about wanting to see this content, you can ESCAPE.    (TAKE ME TO THE KITTENS)

There is a button (that says “Take me to the Kittens”)  and it will take you back to the good squeeky clean Flickr Pictures we all know and love!

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My First Night as a Single Girl

Pete’s flight got off with only a 45 minute delay.  I was so sad driving him to the airport.  I didn’t want him to go, I am going to miss him like crazy! 

For dinner tonight I went to my sister’s.  They made a great dinner and it was so nice eating with her, Brandon and my Dad!  They peer pressured me into saying I would go to the Oriole game with them tomorrow night.  I didn’t want to go.  My sister kept telling me that my Dad may die and I would never get to go to another game with him(She wasn’t serious…I know that), trying to make me feel bad and say I would go.  So I agreed. But the Orioles are such losers this season (yesterdays loss of a 30-3 for example) and I don’t feel like going.  I really don’t.  I just called and canceled and now my Dad and Laura seem all pissy with me.  I feel bad, really I do, but I have had a stressful week and I just want to come home on a Friday night and chill!  Now I feel guilty fr not going.  I don’t want to hurt my family, but I don’t want to go.  I couldn’t do it.  I just didn’t want to.

I have been home tonight watching TV and talking to Shannon on the phone!  I am starting to miss Pete already.  I know when I go to fall asleep it will be harder.  Just laying there touching him as we sleep makes me feel so safe and I love it. 

Tomorrow is Friday, I love Friday’s.  Does anyone have any great plans for the weekend?

On Saturday I am going to a big party at Nikki’s house!  Crystal and I plan on drinking and partying like we are 21.  We had the best young adult life full of parties, drinking, fun and being single.  We are trying to recreate that this weekend.  I doubt it will happen, but I will take pictures!

Pete just called me and he is safe and sound in Atlanta! 

He is Leaving me…….

My Petey is getting on a plane tonight and I won’t see him again……. Read the rest of this entry »

Dental Love

I love the Dentist.  I am going tonight for a 6 month check up and cleaning.  I am a little freaked out I forgot my Toothbrush today, but I had so much else to remember to bring to work with me this morning.  Pete has a Dentist appointment tonight too and he is not excited about it.  He needs 3 fillings.  I think the fact that I have only ever had one filling could be the reason I don’t mind the dentist.  I have had “tooth work” done, but it was only the removal of all 4 wisdom teeth.  I had one out when I was 17 or so and then two out when I was about 21 or 22 and the last one I think I was 24ish.  I didn’t need to have them cut out or anything and I only needed stitches with one of them.  I removed those stitches myself too, like after 3 or 4 days because they were tickling my throat!  LOL  I love the way your mouth feels after the dentist.  So perfect!  I used to schedule my dentist appointments around when I was going away for vacation, that way my mouth would feel perfect for vacation.  I would get my nails done, hair cut and highlighted and my teeth cleaned.  LOL  I like going to the dentist at least 3 times a year.  Insurance will only pay for 2 so I pay out of pocket for the other trips.  I also think before I get married I want my teeth whitened.  I have always wanted this, and a wedding is the perfect excuse to get it done!  LOL  So do you all like or hate the dentist?

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Weekend Fun

We had such a great weekend with our friends.  E & K are our best couple friends.  K and I are so close and talk about so much, stuff she doesn’t talk about with other people.  E is one of the nicest guys I have ever met.   E, K & Baby J came to our house Friday night.  We were so happy to see them pulling into the driveway.  They got out of the car and K gave Pete and me pictures the J had drawn for us.  K wrote on them “To Aunt Lisa, Love Always J”.  How sweet.  They have referred to Pete and I as Aunt Lisa and Uncle Pete since they brought J home from the hospital.  We had a great dinner, burgers, hotdogs and some homemade Mac and Cheese and Potato Salad.  It was low key (compared to the other great stuff I made all weekend) but great!  After they put J down to sleep we all stayed up and played Wii til 2 am.  Well they did, I fell asleep on the sofa around 12.  

Saturday we got up early and I went to the Sonogram with Laura.  OMG talk about amazing!  Laura and I stopped by my Dad’s and showed him the pictures and told him he was going to have a granddaughter.  He seems excited!  We ended up back at my house and had leftover Cheese Burgers for lunch.  K and I went to the fruit stand to get watermelon and corn to go with dinner and then we went to the grocery store for soda.  When we got back we got ready and headed to Federal Hill.  I got some great pictures.  The ones showing J’s face are private on my Flickr account; if you’re my friend on there you can see them.  Due to the adoption I can’t put face pictures on a searchable web site.  We went to the park on Federal Hill and J played her little heart out.  It was so great.  We stayed about 2 or 3 hours.  We all had so much fun.  E & K decided to stay until Monday morning which made us all happy!  We got home and I made dinner.  We had Steak on the grill, baked potatoes, corn on the cob and Cheese Cake for E’s Birthday for desert!  Everything tasted great.  I was so tired went to bed around 1 or so while everyone played more Wii.  E loved it so much.  He now wants one.  He even brought games he had rented so we could all play them. 




Sunday K & I decided we were not going to get dressed all day!  We lounged in our jammies all day.  I made a great Birthday breakfast for E.  He loved it.  I wanted to make them really comfortable and I think I did.  They enjoyed themselves all weekend I think.  We watched out Disney DVD and K cannot wait to take J to Walt Disney World.  They want Pete and I to go with them in three years.  I am excited.  I cannot wait to see J in WDW.  After nap time E & Pete went to see the Simpson’s Movie.  Ugh why in the world grown men think they need to pay $9 to see a cartoon is weird to me.  It was great for K, J and I to spend some girl time together.  We enjoyed High School Musical 2 and chased after J.  Buy can that girl move fast.  She is the cutest!  When the boys got home J & I had dinner ready.  J was helping with snapping the green beans.  I think she ate like 10 raw green beans….LOL  For dinner we had BBQed ribs, Chicken, Green beans, Mac & Cheese and Cornbread Muffins.  Poor J was so tired out she fell asleep eating dinner.  When we were all done I took J and we went and laid on the sofa while Pete, K & E talked frat talk about people I don’t know.  I just held sleeping J and watched some Tori and Dean.  LOL  E came and took her up to bed after an hour or so and then the four grownups watched Vacancy…Boy was that scary!  I went to bed shortly after the movie.  I was so sleepy! 

Monday E, K & J woke up to say bye before we went to work.  J gave Pete and I hugs and kisses!  She is so sweet.  While Pete and I were driving to work E called to get our security code for our alarm.  J finally got into the cupboard where we keep the alarm and hit the panic button.  She had been after that panic button all weekend!  LOL  Soon as we hung up the alarm company called me, I told them it was an accident and they said they will cancel the dispatch.  Well 20 minutes later the police showed up at the house.  Poor E & K.   J trashed our house this weekend!  When we got home from work on Monday the house was spotless.  E & K cleaned all the mess!  Arn’t they the best!  It was such a great weekend.  I can not wait until they come again! 

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Week 16….or is it 17?

Laura had her sonogram yesterday and they aid that as of yesterday the baby weighted 6 ounces!  What a chub!  🙂  She also said that the baby was measurering at 17 weeks yesterday!  So who knows when the due date it now.  I am so excited to know the baby’s sex so I can star shopping!  I am working on the video of the sonogram and will post it soon!

Week 16/17


Week Sixteen

  • Fat begins to form underneath skin, providing your baby with insulation for the coming months.

  • Did you know that both baby and placenta are now about the same size?

  • Your little one has reached 4.57 inches (11.6cm) and approximately 3.53 ounces (100gm).

  • His head and neck are held straighter now.

  • This is a week of “mights!” You might hear the tiny thumps of his heartbeat with an external monitor now. The genitals are developed sufficiently that an experienced sonographer might be able to determine if your baby is a boy or a girl.

  • Her heart is pumping as much as 6 gallons of blood a day and beats at a rate about double your heartrate.

  • If you could take a peek inside, you would witness your child’s reflexes in action! (Sucking, swallowing and blinking are now evident.) She is probably even hiccuping even though you don’t feel it yet!

  • Your baby has learned to breathe! This is apparent from the regular movements of his chest. Isn’t it amazing that he is able to breathe “underwater,” inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid? These actions help the lungs to develop and grow.


Week Seventeen

  • By week 17, your baby weighs about 4.97 ounces (140gm) and is 5.12 inches (13cm) long.

  • He or she has a much more normal “human” appearance now. She holds her head more erect and her body and limbs are longer in proportion to her head.

  • Pads are forming on his tiny fingertips and toes. Soon those individual swirls and whorls will be apparent.

  • Her eyes are looking forward now, but they are still firmly closed.

  • Meconium (composed of products of cell loss, digestive secretion and swallowed amniotic fluid), is accumulating in the bowel. This black gooey substance will become your baby’s first poop!

  • The umbilical cord is growing thicker and stronger and continues to rush blood and nutrients to your growing baby.

  • If your child is male the prostate begins to develop.

  • Her skeleton is tranforming from cartilage to bone. The bones remain flexible to make the journey through the birth canal easier.


This morning we went for Laura’s Sonogram.  it was the most exciting thing I ave ever experienced!  It was so awesome to see the baby’s arm and foot and the baby moving all around.  I cried like a big baby.  The tech was so sweet.  We got to spend a good hour with her going over stuff and watching the baby.  I now know if I am having a niece or nephew!  Would you like to know? 

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Lunch Time Chatter

It’s lunch time and I am hungry.  🙂  The guy at work and I ordered from this place called Roma’s Market.  It is right around the corner from work and is such a great place.  I used to get lunch from here a few years ago when I worked in this same location.  Well I called them to ask for a menu to be faxed to us because they are a very local low key place and don’t have a web site, it took 3 calls to them before I got it.  We have placed our order and are ready for lunch. 

I really like some of my co-workers.  They are friendly and fun, which is a great combination.  Heath is one of my favorites.  He cracks me up.  Turns up he grew up right in my neighborhood.  E & K and baby J are coming tonight.  I am so excited.  I can not wait to see them. 

We are going to grill out tonight.  Hot dogs, Hamburgers, Potato Salad and some homemade Mac and Cheese.  My house is also spotless so we may just eat on the floor…It’s that clean!  E is so excited to play the Wii!  He has called Pete every night this week.  K told Pete last night the E went out and rented games to bring.  How funny it that?  I think we may go to the Italian Festival in Little Italy tomorrow.   

TOMMORROW is the big day!  It’s Laura’s sonogram and I can not wait to see the baby!  From what I have been reading on line we may be able to find out the sex of our little baby!  I plan on taking pictures and videos!  I am so so excited!

House Pictures

I took some pictures of the house after we were done moving everything around.  If you wanna check them out, CLICK HERE!  I am so glad all the up and down the steps is finally over!  I think we tossed about 5 or 6 bags of trash out!  Thank goodness today is trash day!

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Dakoda & Lisa

I went to Crystal’s on Tuesday and visited with Dakoda and her.  It was alot of fun!  Here are some pictures from the evening.  Dakoda was acting so silly!

Bath Boy

Getting Ready for Out-of-Towners!

Pete and I are both so excited about E & K coming to visit.  I can not wait to play with little Miss J.  It will be so fun.  We have been getting ready this week for our guest.  Last night we continued on with our getting ready by going shopping.  We went to Wal*Mart and then to Sam’s Club.  In Wal*Mart we got a new air mattress since our guest room only has a single bed in it.  We also picked up a lap desk.  It has a bean bag bottom and even a cup holder.  It’s Black and pick (of course) and will be great for Blogging from the sofa!

After Wal*mart we went right a crossed the street to Sam’s Club.  We got all kinds of good stuff.  Why does everything at Sam’s cost $10.  It seems like almost everything there cost $10; we had 18 items and spent $150.  It was close.  We got good stuff for this weekend; Ribs, I am going to cook us up some BabyBacks, a Birthday Cake for E, Chicken, Lunch stuff, Bacon & Eggs…Just a bunch of stuff.  Then we go to check out and there were only two lines open!  Why built a store with 18 lines and then always only have 2 or 3 open.  I don’t understand it!  Well we were in a huge ass line and there was the lady like 3 people behind us who was pitching a fit!  A worker guy walked by and she stopped him and asked him if he was going to open.  He said no and she said a few more things and he went and opened a line for her.  She put her stuff up on the check out belt and he started ringing her up.  Well I jump out of the long line I am in and get in line behind her and he looks up and tells me he isn’t open!  I looked down at the stuff she put up there and said “You look open to me”!  He says “Well I’m not” and I said “You can not just open for one person who was at the back of the line.  There are only two lines open and I just lost my place in the one I was in”.  Then he says “Well I am only taking a certain number of items”.  I pointed to my cart and said “Well this is going to have to be the certain number you are taking cause I am not leaving”!  I was stern and not backing down.  As he rang her up I put all of my stuff up on the belt and he said again “I am not Open” and I said “I am not moving so call your manager”.  He finished the lady and walked away!  Now I about lost it.  He went to one of the other registers and was talking to a lady!  He looked over and me and I reached up and started flashing his light up number!  LOL  He came over and said “Hurry up I will check you out”.  Good thing too cause I was so prepared to just up and leave everything on the belt.  I smiled and said “Thank you”!  I was so mad!  It was hot in there and people were stopping in front of us and the whole experience was just painful!

We got home and I finished setting up the Pack and Play and cleaned up the office.  We also moved a bunch of boxes into the office and I vacuumed.  Tonight we gotta do a quick clean of the downstairs and then will be ready for company!   

How Did You Find Me?

I always wonder what brings people to my site.  I know yesterday these things brought people here:

prim plaza ocean city

Fat Bellies Photos

love having my but rubbed

fat belly hanging over jeans

mom likes her butt rubbed

computer piture

100 reasons why I love him

places near bloomfield nj to have a child

birthday personality profile

hair highlighting

movico theaster in Arundel Mills

purple glitter

curly hair

sweetest boyfriend

There are alot of people looking for Fat Bellies.  I bet they are disappointed when the see Laura’s little tiny baby bump!  Also I love how people spell things wrong then get to my site (I am a poor speller, but I try to spell check).  I also find it funny that people are looking for Butt Rubs.  It is totally NON sexual when Pete rubs my butt for me while I am falling asleep.  I also like him to hold my hand when I am falling asleep.  Most nights though I am a sleep way before him, so I miss out! 

So anyway how did you start reading my blog?  I know there is kinda a small group of us who all read each others, it’s like we are a small group of friends.  I know I will say (just examples) to Shannon “Hey did you see the cool place Ani had dinner this weekend” or ask Lisanne “Did you see that recipe Rachel posted, yum?”  But sometimes I wonder how did we all start this?  I love it though!

Busy “Bee”

Last night I got the guest room 99% of the way finished.  I got so much done.  The guest room was kinda dusty cause we don’t use it much.  Well I deep cleaned it and I dusted all my knick knacks and set up two whole shelves just for Disney stuff.  Oh it looks so wonderful.  My beautiful snow globes that my sweetie has bought me.  I love them.  All I have left to do is set the Pack and Play up in the room.  It will be great for when Laura’s baby comes to visit.  I wish I could afford to get a real crib for the baby since those pack and plays are so hard and uncomfortable, I would never want my baby to sleep long term in one, well we will wait and see how much the baby is sleeping at my house before I do that!  I also moved the last of the stuff to the new office.  I decided to move TV’s around.  I took the one from the guest room which is the one that was in my livingroom before Pete moved in, and changed it with the smaller one that was in our bedroom.  Well now it’s like we have a big screen TV our bedroom.  It looks so much bigger then the old one!  I also hooked up the digital cable in the bedroom so we can watch HBO from bed.  SO nice!  I didn’t go to sleep until 11:30 and I am tired!

Last night we went to this Diner called the Honey Bee.  The only other time I had been there was this one time in the middle of the night Nikki, Crystal and I drove there (While drinking Apple Pucker….so irresponsible of us) to meet this guy that liked Crystal.  Well we didn’t want to be there and when he asked us for our order we told the waiter one bowl of Strawberry Ice Cream and 3 spoons.  We ate that up and were ready to get out of there ASAP!   I was telling Pete about it last night.  He was laughing at us for being such bitches to this poor guy!  Ugh, he didn’t know the guy!  Anyway the food was pretty good, which surprised me!

Has anyone been watching The Singing Bee with Joey Fatone?  I am loving this game show.  He is such a great personality.  I think he would have been a much better choice for host of the Price is Right, then nasty old Drew Carey.  I just don’t think he is funny!  If you haven’t checked out The Singing Bee, you should, it’s great!

Friend 1, Friend 2

I have a friend, and she is a great person who wants one thing more then anything in the world.  Well yesterday another friend told me about something that may benefit the first friend greatly.  I didn’t want to tell friend 1 in case it wasn’t a sure thing, but there was no way to move forward with out telling friend 1.  So I did.  Friend 1 loved the idea and told me to tell friend 2 it was a go.  I told friend 2 it was a go and now she has to get info to 3 or 4 other parties.  I really hope it all works out perfectly!  I would hate for friend 1 to get hurt, and I would hate for this not to work out.  Friend 2 has not heard back for the other parties as of yet. Please say a prayer for Friend 1!

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Random Thoughts

I think we need a nap time at work.  Wouldn’t you all love a 1 hour nap after your one hour lunch?  I am so sleepy right now.  Probably cause I stayed up til 1am.   I am sore today; Moving heavy furniture can really make you sore the next day.  I always think I am superman and move things that should have two grown men move them and then hurt afterwards.

I was thinking after Laura left yesterday that being pregnant is kinda creepy, like a whole person is inside you ready to bust out a la Alien!  Also isn’t it weird to love something so much that isn’t even here and weights the amount of the cable bill I just mailed in?  Erie.  I am so glad that Crystal is lending me some baby stuff.  I am going to look at yard sales too; I want a jump aroo and a few more things for the baby.  Crystal has offered me a few things, which will be great.  It will be nice to have stuff for the baby so Laura won’t have to drag everything with her when she visits me.  I think we have a high chair up in the attic.  I wonder how Pete is going to feel about having baby stuff all over.  Oh well he will deal with it, it will be our niece or nephew!  I can’t wait to hold it and love it!

Birthday’s are so much fun, but I hate the let down afterwards.  Pete used some more Birthday money this weekend and treated me so good.  He is such a generous person and I live that he buys me things all the time with out me asking for them.  It is nice to be spoiled.  I have never really been spoiled by a boyfriend before.  Like I have been treated amazingly, but I have always been the breadwinner, the one who paid for dinner, who bought the surprises, who paid for trips.  I didn’t mind, I had the money and I had a good time, but it is so nice to have someone else take care of me!


Week 15

 Laura’s Belly POPPED out this week!  It is so cute.  As you can see her pants no longer button, she has the draw string tied and the button tucked in.  She is really trying to make it through the summer with out buying any new clothes.  Isn’t her chubby belly cute.  I love it so much, knowing that my little niece or nephew is in there growing.  I love the baby so much and I am so excited that on Saturday I will get to see it when we go for the sonogram!

Week 15

Week Fifteen
  • You may begin to feel some fluttering movements as baby kicks, flails, twists and turns (but don’t panic if you don’t yet). She can also grasp, squint, frown, grimace and maybe suck her thumb!

  • Your baby’s legs have grown longer than the arms and the body is now longer than the head.
  • And you’ll be happy to note that he is moving those arms and legs often!

  • His skin is very thin — so thin blood vessel are visible. It’s covered by a fine, soft layer of hair called lanugo. Lanugo comes from a Latin word meaning “down.” This hair is thought to help insulate your little boy.

  • The three tiny bones in his middle ear have begun to harden. The auditory centers in your baby’s brain haven’t developed yet, so she might not really understand what you say but her hearing capacity is in the process of developing.

  • Fingernails and toenails are growing.

  • Eyebrows are beginning to grow and even the hair his head is sprouting. It will probably change color and texture after birth.

  • All this and your little one is an amazing 3.98 inches (10.1cm) long and may weigh 2.47 ounces (70gm).

Weekend……Worn out!

I am so worn out!  We have been so busy this weekend.  Friday we went out, then stayed up half the night bowling with my Dad!  Then on Saturday we went to breakfast at Cookies, our very favorite breakfast place.  They truely have amazing bacon, which is my favorite meat…LOL  Then we went to A.C. Moore’s, the Post office, Michaels, Game Stop, UPS, Chipoltle and finally home to play our new game Boogie!  I fell asleep on the sofa I was so tired.  Today we moved our old sofa and love seat out to go to the dump, then we spent hours moving the computer desk and all of the stuff that goes with it.  Why are there so many freaking cords.  LOL  One cool thing we found out is that our flat screen TV can double as a Computer Moniter.  We hooked that up and then found out that we can watch tv on it using the picture in picture feature while working on the computer.  How cool is that!  We hooked up two sets of speakers also.  The office is going to be so nice to have down stairs plus we will have so much more room in the guest room now.  I cleaned out my closet today also and have put away tons of clothes.  I still have tons more to do, so I am going to cut this short.  We still have alot of moving around of stuff to do this week.  We are having some special guests this weekend.  Our friends E & K and thier adorable baby Miss J and coming for the weekend!  🙂  I can not wait! 


Medieval Times

Pete’s Birthday was great.  We had so so much fun at Medieval Times!  You will need to go to the website to see any pictures because I FORGOT MY CAMERA.  I never forget my camera.  I don’t go to the food store with out it, let alone a dinner show that cost $50 a person.  Just the cost makes it photo worthy.  My sweetie did buy my the picture they took of the two of us during dinner though so I have something.  Dinner was really good.  We had Chicken, Ribs, Potatoes, Soup and Apple Pie!  My friend Sherri went with us and my Dad.  See my Dad has a crush on Sherri that is not reciprocated.  Poor Daddy. 

Pete and Lisa

After dinner we came back to my house and I talked my Dad into a quick game of bowling.  Well my quick game turned in to a FOUR hour marathon.  I kid you not.  FOUR hours of bowling.  I sat out after like 1.5 hours, and he lost Pete after 2.5 hours and then my Dad spent 1.5 hours bowling alone.  Pete and I were drifting off to sleep and my Dad kept playing.  How FUNNY!  Pete said once my Dad seen I was asleep he got all excited and played 4 or 5 games more.  I had tried “Closing the Bowling Alley” 45 minutes before my Dad finally stopped.  He left me house last night after 2 am.  This Wii is just addictive.  He didn’t want to leave until he reached Prop Status and broke 200 points.  O.M.G.  My Dad is so funny! 

Dad Mii

Dad BowlingDad the BowlerBowling Daddy

Today we are going to be so busy….Pete has a dentist appointment at 10:30am and then he has a massage appointment at 2pm and then we are going shopping for frames for his parents Anniversary present, the portrait of Pete and his sister.  Then I want to move the old sofas out of the soon to be computer room and move the computer down to the room.  We will see if this last tasks happens or not.  If not it is my goal for tomorrow. 

Part of that World……….

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Birthday Boy

Birthday Glitter Graphics

Today is my Sweetie’s Birthday!  31 years old! I love Birthdays.  I got up extra early and got my shower and got ready for work.  Then I crawled back into bed to snuggle before Pete had to get up.  Then while he got into the shower I went downstairs and made him a nice big pile of fluffy pancakes and some sausage.  His favorite breakfast.  I also set the table all up with his Birthday Gifts.  I got him Jeans and a New Shirt and some new undies.  I got this awesome cartoon drawling of these two snakes and the one snake is all tired into knots and the other snake is telling the tied up snake to go to see the Chiropractor.  LOL  I got it mounded and framed.  I also got him a Disney Pin for his collection; it says Happy Birthday and has Mickey, Goofy & gang on it.  Then I gave him the bag of Hershey kisses.  All 100 of the reasons I love him most, or things I love about him!  Well he looked into the bag and said, “Oh you know my weakness is candy”, then he went to open one and seen that the tag was different, he read it out loud “I love how you always think you are right”.  LOL  That’s what his first one said, not any of the smooshy lovey dovey ones.  LOL  Well then he says “at least you didn’t have to wrap all of them”…WTF…. “Yes I did” I replied.  He said “Oh well I thought their were companies that do that”  I said “There very well may be, but I typed all them and wrapped them all”.  He laughed and gave me a huge hug and told me how great it feels to be so loved!  I also told him we were going to Medieval times tonight.  He is excited.  He wore his new clothes to work.  I can not wait until tonight.  Gosh I love birthdays!


Bank & Lunch

I usually bring my lunch and eat at my desk, but today I have to go to the bank to deposit a money order for Pete, Thank goodness the Wachovia is close to work.  There is also a Pizza hut close to here so I may stop and get a Personal Pan Pizza.  I used to go to the Pizza Hut alot when I worked over here last time.  It is so hot outside I wish I could just stay in!  YUK! 


Well I ended up drving around not knowing what I wanted for lunch so I ended up running in Giant right acrossed the street from the bank to make a salad!  Yummy!  Butthen once I got back to work I had to inhale it because I fooled around trying to make up my mind!  UGH!  Oh and right as I was pulling into my work a storm broke lose and I got all wet running into work.  Atleast I have a nice nail appointment to look forward to tonight!


Finally my nails are done!

Nails  Nails

Bowling, Wii & Mii

I hate real life bowling.  I hate the smelly shoes everyone wears and the grimy balls everyone touches, I hate the way bowling alleys smell and I hate the dirty bathrooms in bowling alleys.  I do however love bowlling alley french fries.  I love bowling on the Wii.  Last night when I should have been going to sleep, I went downstairs to bowl one quick game with Pete.  Then I went to bed.  Pete on the other hand stayed up until 1am, at least playing.  I am so glad he loves his new Wii. 

My favorite Part is the Miis.  I made ones for all my friends.  My favorite Mii is Shannon.  Check her out!  It looks just like her!

Lisa & Shannon Miis


So Tired

I just spent the past two hours wrapping Hershey Kisses and including 100 reasons that I love my boy! O.M.G. My eyes hurt and my fingers hurt, and I only had to eat 2 Hershey Kisses….Ones with ripped foils of course!

Off to bed now! Sweet Dreams!

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Ugh!  I am having the very worst PMS this month.  Hopefully my damn period will just come on Thursday like it should (poor Pete, no Birthday make out session) and the PMS will go away!  I can’t live like this.  It is ruining my life….Ok Ok maybe I am a bit overdramatic….LOL  I have been trying to go get my nails done for days and it just isn’t working out so last night I had a nice cry about that.  We also went food shopping last night and the store was crazy.  I am not going back to Shoppers any time soon.  I have this internal anger, you know the one, where you want to explode and you know you are being a bitch and can’t help it.  It is horrible.  I was so irritable last night I just went to bed.  Poor Pete, I feel bad that he has to deal with these moods.  Thank goodness it’s only one or two days a month!  Today I got really upset about something I will write about but password protect it.  SO anyway I hope today flys by.  I am going tonight to get my nails done and my Petey is going to cook me a nice dinner!  Hopefully things will get a little brighter!

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Birthday Fun!