Back to School

Last night I went with Jodi and Lauren to Lauren’s Back to School night.  It was so odd walking through the school halls of my Alma Mater.  We went to a assembly when I ripped my favorite Jean Capri’s on the metal (the arm rest was missing) and then we walked lauren’s schedule.  Class to class, upstairs to down stairs.  It was kinda fun.  As we were leaving Lauren says to me and Jodi “You know my teachers probally think I have two mom’s, that you guys are lesbians”.  LOL  I didn;t even think that.  I was just visiting Jodi and she was like, “Hey do you want to go?” and I said “Sure”!  LOL  Lauren has some hard classes this year.  She is in all honors classes.  I hope she keeps her grades up and can get lots of college scholarships. 

The Power of Chiropractic

Ok so yesterday my back was KILLING ME!  As I wrote yesterday I could hardly get out of bed when I woke up.  I sat on the edge of the bed and cried real tears for atleast 5 minutes.  I would have rated my pain atleast an 8 on a 1 -10 scale.  I went to the Chiropractor (ugh hate having to pay for what I can get at home for free) last night.  He adjusted me and it was still a bit sore afterwards, but was already feeling better.  Then I went to dinner with my favorite little man, Dakoda and his momma Crystal.  That was nice and as the night went on my back did feel better and better.  Then I drove over an hour to Nikki’s house and I was still feeling alot better.  This morning I woke up and if I had to rate my pain it would have been a 3, now it’s down to a 1.5 or so.  This is just another little bit of proof that Chiropractic can and does help!

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Prettiest Girl In the World

Yesterday morning Nikki told me a story about a conversation that she had with her husband.  At the end he replied “No one knows how to take care of her like You, Me or Lisa” (or something along those lines).  It made me feel really good that these parents trust me so wholeheartedly with the life of their child.  I love Ryleah more then imaginable.  She is smart and funny and cute as can be!  Well Nikki and Jason had to be somewhere at 6:30am this morning and on the way home from work she realized she needed someone to take Ryleah to school in the morning.  Ryleah can only be at daycare for 10 hours a day and they had already set it up for Nikki’s brother to pick her up today at 5 or so.  Well I offered to drive up last night and then take her this morning.  Now Nikki has never left Ryleah overnight, there has never been a 24 hour period of time that she hasn’t seen her child.  She may have been out while the babysitter (95% of the time me) has put her to bed, or Nikki may have left for work while Ryleah was asleep, but was home to put her to bed that night.  I am sure that is how I will be too, I mean that child is your life!  So anyway I was a tiny bit nervous about being the adult walking into Ryleah’s room to wake her up this morning.  I got myself all ready, loaded the car and then walked into Ryleahs Room.

Ryleah's Room

Isn’t it pretty? Well she was laying in bed awake. She looked over at me and said “Hi Yweesa”. I said “Hi Baby” then she shrugged her shoulders and said “Where’s Mommy?” I told her Nikki went to work and that I was going to take her to school. I asked if that was ok and she said Yeah. LOL Then we kissed bunny and I took her to the changing table and changed her then got her all dressed. We talked a little and sang. Then we went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. She let me do her hair into cute little Pig Tails.

Pretty in PinkBack of Pony Tails

When we were all done in the bathroom, when she tossed her tooth brush in the sink and said “ALL DONE”, we went downstairs. She had her juice and her gummy vitamin and off to school we went. On the way she pointed to alot of things and asked “What’s Dat Yweesa, What’s Dat?” It’s a truck that is digging a hole, It’s a school bus, It’s corn” Over and over again. She also complimented me on my Cinderella “purse”, which I use as an overnight bag. We sang a little Cinderelli, Cinderelli.

RyleahThinking about School

I was sad when we got to school because I had to drop her off. I took her into the school and she showed me her cubby and then I took her outside to meet up with the other kids. It was a great morning.

Pretty Girl

This was the last thing I seen this morning. How could you not love this face.

(Sorry for the low resulution Pictures…I forgot my camera and had to use my phone!)

UGH….My Back

I woke up this morning and I could hardly move.  My back is so so sore!  O.M.G.  I don’t know what I did to my lower back, but it literally made me cry tears this morning.  It figures, all this back pain while my Chiropractor is out of town!  I called Pete this morning and told him how horrible it felt and he told me to call Dr. Trish.  She is a Chiropractor I have seen before Pete and I dated, and when we first started dating.  She used to adjust Pete before he found the guy he goes to now.  Well thankfully she can fit me in today.  Boy how knew how used to something you get.  I woke up and my back hurt some and I thought to myself “Oh I will get Pete to fix me up after breakfast”!  UM NO!  That isn’t going to work since he is having breakfast in Atlanta!  LOL

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View From the Top

Sunday night after dinner Laura, Brandon and I went to Rita’s to get an itailan ice.  They didn’t have any of my favorites, so I got Mango….It left much to be desired.  How can they not have Lemon!!!  I don’t understand it. 

Well anyway we decided to take my dad some water ice.  He works at the airport on the weekends and we like to go visit him every once in a while.  He took us up to the tippy top of the new big parking garage to check out the view.  He is all offical and can move the barricades so we could get to the top top.  It is usually blocked off to the public.  Well the view was breathtaking.  I took some pictures.  We stayed almost an hour watching planes take off and land.  There was even a nice cool breeze blowing.  Ahhh….How nice!  Here are some pictures from the top!

Laura and Brandon


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Dinner Date

I got to leave work early today.  I love that!  I had plans to meet my friend Shannon for dinner.  I left work a 1/2 hour early and met Shannon at our favorite Pizza place.  We were there from 5pm til almost 9pm, like 8:40pm!  I didn’t get home til 9:00pm.  We laughed and gossiped so much!  It was so great to catch up.  We worked together for over a year and had become fast friends.  She is so funny and we get along famously.  We ate pizza and talked.  It was so good to catch up.  We seen this guy there that I went to High School with.  Poor guy working at a pizzeria at 30 years old.  But boy was/is he a hottie.  I told Shannon I thought that was him and them when we went to leave she hollers “Bye James”  He flashed us his sexy smile and said “Bye Ladies”.  Of course we busted in to giggles and laughed our way to our cars.  It was a great night.  It’s so fun to catch up with old friends.

I have been using my single-time wisely.  I have had great long phone calls, super friend get-to-gethers and family fun nights.  I still have 5 nights to go.  I miss Pete so much.  He is like my best friend, well my bestfriend/favorite person!  Not to replace my best girlfriends.  It is weird going all morning without talking.  I don’t make his breakfast or lunch.  I don’t pick out his clothes and make sure they are all perfect.  It’s weird.  Some of the good things are that I get to do are; sleep in a hour longer, I get to leave for work later since I am not taking him to work, I get to use up all the hot water in bath in the morning, I get to sleep in the middle of the bed, I get to watch what I want on TV!  The cons are that we aren’t together for that drive home to discuss our days, I have to cook dinner for one (see why I been going out), I don’t have my sweetie to snuggle with while falling asleep, I can’t watch any of our TiVoed shows that are mutual favorites (like Greek, Psych, Big Love just to name a few) and that we have to remember all of our important stuff while we talk at night on the phone. 

I have made reservations at a Bed and Breakfast for once Pete is all done his tests.  We will have a relaxing weekend in the country!  I can’t wait (just a few weeks), Pete deserves a nice break.