Birthday Fun!

So Much To Pay For

In the next 18 months or so Pete and I have so so much to pay for.  I priced out all of our Trips/Expenses for the next 18 months and it is a bit overwhelming.  Like $20,000 – $25,000 overwhelming!  I know we will have help from our parents, but I have seriously been thinking about getting a weekend job.  I would hate to work weekends, but there isn’t one thing in the next 18 months I want to give up.  I think I am going to apply at Target, Walmart & Sears in the Portrait Studios.  I take good pictures and I love kids, so why not combine the two.  I also have an Early Childhood Education Certificate from College that would be helpful.  I think with holiday rushes and all these places will be hireing help.  We have like 4 trips planned; Mexico, Disney, Bahamas and Disney, Iowa and a huge Party.  Pete will also have sections of part three and part four of his National Boards to travel to take, not to mention the review classes in addition to all of the expenses that go with all of these trips and stuff!  Ugh it is so stressful, but all in a good way, you know.