Bowling, Wii & Mii

I hate real life bowling.  I hate the smelly shoes everyone wears and the grimy balls everyone touches, I hate the way bowling alleys smell and I hate the dirty bathrooms in bowling alleys.  I do however love bowlling alley french fries.  I love bowling on the Wii.  Last night when I should have been going to sleep, I went downstairs to bowl one quick game with Pete.  Then I went to bed.  Pete on the other hand stayed up until 1am, at least playing.  I am so glad he loves his new Wii. 

My favorite Part is the Miis.  I made ones for all my friends.  My favorite Mii is Shannon.  Check her out!  It looks just like her!

Lisa & Shannon Miis



2 Responses to “Bowling, Wii & Mii”

  1. shannylj Says:

    You are so funny!!! I love my Mii! xoxo

  2. Bella Says:

    ok, never thought about why I hated the bowling alley before but that makes perfect sense! You are right- the places are nasty! My kids and husband always want to go and I always say, “Oh, do we have to?!” I hate it when my thumb gets stuck in the ball 😦

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