Medieval Times

Pete’s Birthday was great.  We had so so much fun at Medieval Times!  You will need to go to the website to see any pictures because I FORGOT MY CAMERA.  I never forget my camera.  I don’t go to the food store with out it, let alone a dinner show that cost $50 a person.  Just the cost makes it photo worthy.  My sweetie did buy my the picture they took of the two of us during dinner though so I have something.  Dinner was really good.  We had Chicken, Ribs, Potatoes, Soup and Apple Pie!  My friend Sherri went with us and my Dad.  See my Dad has a crush on Sherri that is not reciprocated.  Poor Daddy. 

Pete and Lisa

After dinner we came back to my house and I talked my Dad into a quick game of bowling.  Well my quick game turned in to a FOUR hour marathon.  I kid you not.  FOUR hours of bowling.  I sat out after like 1.5 hours, and he lost Pete after 2.5 hours and then my Dad spent 1.5 hours bowling alone.  Pete and I were drifting off to sleep and my Dad kept playing.  How FUNNY!  Pete said once my Dad seen I was asleep he got all excited and played 4 or 5 games more.  I had tried “Closing the Bowling Alley” 45 minutes before my Dad finally stopped.  He left me house last night after 2 am.  This Wii is just addictive.  He didn’t want to leave until he reached Prop Status and broke 200 points.  O.M.G.  My Dad is so funny! 

Dad Mii

Dad BowlingDad the BowlerBowling Daddy

Today we are going to be so busy….Pete has a dentist appointment at 10:30am and then he has a massage appointment at 2pm and then we are going shopping for frames for his parents Anniversary present, the portrait of Pete and his sister.  Then I want to move the old sofas out of the soon to be computer room and move the computer down to the room.  We will see if this last tasks happens or not.  If not it is my goal for tomorrow. 

2 Responses to “Greatness”

  1. shannylj Says:

    Happy Birthday to Petah!!! I hope our card comes soon. And that Mii of your dad looks just like him! Too funny!

  2. jamie Says:

    Happy Bday Pete!

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