Weekend……Worn out!

I am so worn out!  We have been so busy this weekend.  Friday we went out, then stayed up half the night bowling with my Dad!  Then on Saturday we went to breakfast at Cookies, our very favorite breakfast place.  They truely have amazing bacon, which is my favorite meat…LOL  Then we went to A.C. Moore’s, the Post office, Michaels, Game Stop, UPS, Chipoltle and finally home to play our new game Boogie!  I fell asleep on the sofa I was so tired.  Today we moved our old sofa and love seat out to go to the dump, then we spent hours moving the computer desk and all of the stuff that goes with it.  Why are there so many freaking cords.  LOL  One cool thing we found out is that our flat screen TV can double as a Computer Moniter.  We hooked that up and then found out that we can watch tv on it using the picture in picture feature while working on the computer.  How cool is that!  We hooked up two sets of speakers also.  The office is going to be so nice to have down stairs plus we will have so much more room in the guest room now.  I cleaned out my closet today also and have put away tons of clothes.  I still have tons more to do, so I am going to cut this short.  We still have alot of moving around of stuff to do this week.  We are having some special guests this weekend.  Our friends E & K and thier adorable baby Miss J and coming for the weekend!  🙂  I can not wait! 


2 Responses to “Weekend……Worn out!”

  1. jamie Says:

    Oohh, I love organizing!! lol It sucks doing it, but it’s so nice to look at it when it’s all done and see how much you’ve accomplished!

  2. Bella Says:

    ok, yeah, I can see why you were worn out. I got tired just reading it, lol!

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