Random Thoughts

I think we need a nap time at work.  Wouldn’t you all love a 1 hour nap after your one hour lunch?  I am so sleepy right now.  Probably cause I stayed up til 1am.   I am sore today; Moving heavy furniture can really make you sore the next day.  I always think I am superman and move things that should have two grown men move them and then hurt afterwards.

I was thinking after Laura left yesterday that being pregnant is kinda creepy, like a whole person is inside you ready to bust out a la Alien!  Also isn’t it weird to love something so much that isn’t even here and weights the amount of the cable bill I just mailed in?  Erie.  I am so glad that Crystal is lending me some baby stuff.  I am going to look at yard sales too; I want a jump aroo and a few more things for the baby.  Crystal has offered me a few things, which will be great.  It will be nice to have stuff for the baby so Laura won’t have to drag everything with her when she visits me.  I think we have a high chair up in the attic.  I wonder how Pete is going to feel about having baby stuff all over.  Oh well he will deal with it, it will be our niece or nephew!  I can’t wait to hold it and love it!

Birthday’s are so much fun, but I hate the let down afterwards.  Pete used some more Birthday money this weekend and treated me so good.  He is such a generous person and I live that he buys me things all the time with out me asking for them.  It is nice to be spoiled.  I have never really been spoiled by a boyfriend before.  Like I have been treated amazingly, but I have always been the breadwinner, the one who paid for dinner, who bought the surprises, who paid for trips.  I didn’t mind, I had the money and I had a good time, but it is so nice to have someone else take care of me!



One Response to “Random Thoughts”

  1. Lisanne Says:

    Yes ~ feeling a little one move around inside you is *definitely* a bizarre feeling, but it’s also one of the most *amazing*, miraculous things to experience. I miss those kicks and wiggles quite a bit! :sniff: It means *so* much to us that my parents have baby and toddler gear at their house so that we don’t have to bring a *ton* of things with us to Indiana! So that’s awesome that you’re doing that for Laura. Her belly sure has popped out! 🙂 I’m excited and happy for them. Yes, the day after your birthday is kind of a let-down. Hey, from now on, maybe I should send people gifts to arrive the day after, haha 🙂

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