Busy “Bee”

Last night I got the guest room 99% of the way finished.  I got so much done.  The guest room was kinda dusty cause we don’t use it much.  Well I deep cleaned it and I dusted all my knick knacks and set up two whole shelves just for Disney stuff.  Oh it looks so wonderful.  My beautiful snow globes that my sweetie has bought me.  I love them.  All I have left to do is set the Pack and Play up in the room.  It will be great for when Laura’s baby comes to visit.  I wish I could afford to get a real crib for the baby since those pack and plays are so hard and uncomfortable, I would never want my baby to sleep long term in one, well we will wait and see how much the baby is sleeping at my house before I do that!  I also moved the last of the stuff to the new office.  I decided to move TV’s around.  I took the one from the guest room which is the one that was in my livingroom before Pete moved in, and changed it with the smaller one that was in our bedroom.  Well now it’s like we have a big screen TV our bedroom.  It looks so much bigger then the old one!  I also hooked up the digital cable in the bedroom so we can watch HBO from bed.  SO nice!  I didn’t go to sleep until 11:30 and I am tired!

Last night we went to this Diner called the Honey Bee.  The only other time I had been there was this one time in the middle of the night Nikki, Crystal and I drove there (While drinking Apple Pucker….so irresponsible of us) to meet this guy that liked Crystal.  Well we didn’t want to be there and when he asked us for our order we told the waiter one bowl of Strawberry Ice Cream and 3 spoons.  We ate that up and were ready to get out of there ASAP!   I was telling Pete about it last night.  He was laughing at us for being such bitches to this poor guy!  Ugh, he didn’t know the guy!  Anyway the food was pretty good, which surprised me!

Has anyone been watching The Singing Bee with Joey Fatone?  I am loving this game show.  He is such a great personality.  I think he would have been a much better choice for host of the Price is Right, then nasty old Drew Carey.  I just don’t think he is funny!  If you haven’t checked out The Singing Bee, you should, it’s great!

6 Responses to “Busy “Bee””

  1. whimsicalchaos Says:

    pack-n-plays have little mattress for them… they are like 20 bucks and they have sheets for them… I have only seen them at BRU… we have one for Lore’s pack-n-play… and she sleeps pretty well on that mattress… but you are right… without it… it is hard and nasty lol…

  2. Michele Lane Says:

    I caught that show in passing the other evening. ITS AWESOME. I totally kicked butt at it too! And you are right! Joey Fatone is hilarious as the host… I also tend not to like Drew Carey… although I find him a better choice than Rosie O’Loudmouth for Price is Right.

    One show I LOVE LOVE LOVE is Ace of Cakes.. that Duff Goldman is a cutie 🙂 Have yall thought about getting on a waiting list to have him do your wedding cake since Charm City is in Baltimore? Ahem.. oh yeah. Pete hasnt propossed YET 🙂 Although I hear his cakes are like WHOAH expensive…But who wouldnt love a cake that spins, dances, and explodes?

  3. Michele Lane Says:

    Also.. you might check second hand places for a crib for the baby. I wanted one for my neice at my house and we found one for only $30 that was real nice once it was scrubbed and painted up.

  4. shannylj Says:

    Let’s see pics of all the work you’re doing on the rooms!

  5. Bella Says:

    Hi Lisa! Sounds like you are busting a move there getting organized, feels so good, right? Hey, i always prided myself on being a great singer and know a lot of music. Well, I started to watch that show “The Singing Bee” with my family and learned that I DON’T KNOW THE MAJORITY OF LYRICS, guess I was just singing loud in the car, making the lyrics up as I went along 😦 How SAD is that? I’m embarrassed about it. and yes, I LOVE Joey, he is awesome!

  6. Ani Says:

    We watched it for the first time last week but missed it this week. It is pretty good.

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