Friend 1, Friend 2

I have a friend, and she is a great person who wants one thing more then anything in the world.  Well yesterday another friend told me about something that may benefit the first friend greatly.  I didn’t want to tell friend 1 in case it wasn’t a sure thing, but there was no way to move forward with out telling friend 1.  So I did.  Friend 1 loved the idea and told me to tell friend 2 it was a go.  I told friend 2 it was a go and now she has to get info to 3 or 4 other parties.  I really hope it all works out perfectly!  I would hate for friend 1 to get hurt, and I would hate for this not to work out.  Friend 2 has not heard back for the other parties as of yet. Please say a prayer for Friend 1!

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One Response to “Friend 1, Friend 2”

  1. shannylj Says:

    You crack me up. I’m sure that Friend 1 knows that you and Friend 2 are doing everything you can and that you’re only looking out for Friend 1’s best interest. And I’m sure that even if it doesn’t work out that Friend 1 will love you all the same, even more since you’re so sweet to go out of your way for him/her.

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