How Did You Find Me?

I always wonder what brings people to my site.  I know yesterday these things brought people here:

prim plaza ocean city

Fat Bellies Photos

love having my but rubbed

fat belly hanging over jeans

mom likes her butt rubbed

computer piture

100 reasons why I love him

places near bloomfield nj to have a child

birthday personality profile

hair highlighting

movico theaster in Arundel Mills

purple glitter

curly hair

sweetest boyfriend

There are alot of people looking for Fat Bellies.  I bet they are disappointed when the see Laura’s little tiny baby bump!  Also I love how people spell things wrong then get to my site (I am a poor speller, but I try to spell check).  I also find it funny that people are looking for Butt Rubs.  It is totally NON sexual when Pete rubs my butt for me while I am falling asleep.  I also like him to hold my hand when I am falling asleep.  Most nights though I am a sleep way before him, so I miss out! 

So anyway how did you start reading my blog?  I know there is kinda a small group of us who all read each others, it’s like we are a small group of friends.  I know I will say (just examples) to Shannon “Hey did you see the cool place Ani had dinner this weekend” or ask Lisanne “Did you see that recipe Rachel posted, yum?”  But sometimes I wonder how did we all start this?  I love it though!


5 Responses to “How Did You Find Me?”

  1. bella Says:

    I just found you surfing from blog to blog. We are both wordpress so perhaps I followed a “category” off of the main wordpress page. I’m not sure but I liked your blog, enjoy your writings, and love your mad style!

  2. Monica Says:

    I started reading it last year, I think? I was planning our first Disney trip and you had all of your Photopass photos on here, so I got hooked. Been reading ever since. I also found thru a link your friend Shannon in NC, who lives near me. I read hers too!

  3. Michele Lane Says:

    I found you through Shannon.. I dont even remember how I found her.. maybe adoption blogs? I dunno

  4. shannylj Says:

    Seems I’ve hooked you up with some readers, yo. 🙂

  5. whimsicalchaos Says:

    I found you because of Lisanne

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