Dakoda & Lisa

I went to Crystal’s on Tuesday and visited with Dakoda and her.  It was alot of fun!  Here are some pictures from the evening.  Dakoda was acting so silly!

Bath Boy

Getting Ready for Out-of-Towners!

Pete and I are both so excited about E & K coming to visit.  I can not wait to play with little Miss J.  It will be so fun.  We have been getting ready this week for our guest.  Last night we continued on with our getting ready by going shopping.  We went to Wal*Mart and then to Sam’s Club.  In Wal*Mart we got a new air mattress since our guest room only has a single bed in it.  We also picked up a lap desk.  It has a bean bag bottom and even a cup holder.  It’s Black and pick (of course) and will be great for Blogging from the sofa!

After Wal*mart we went right a crossed the street to Sam’s Club.  We got all kinds of good stuff.  Why does everything at Sam’s cost $10.  It seems like almost everything there cost $10; we had 18 items and spent $150.  It was close.  We got good stuff for this weekend; Ribs, I am going to cook us up some BabyBacks, a Birthday Cake for E, Chicken, Lunch stuff, Bacon & Eggs…Just a bunch of stuff.  Then we go to check out and there were only two lines open!  Why built a store with 18 lines and then always only have 2 or 3 open.  I don’t understand it!  Well we were in a huge ass line and there was the lady like 3 people behind us who was pitching a fit!  A worker guy walked by and she stopped him and asked him if he was going to open.  He said no and she said a few more things and he went and opened a line for her.  She put her stuff up on the check out belt and he started ringing her up.  Well I jump out of the long line I am in and get in line behind her and he looks up and tells me he isn’t open!  I looked down at the stuff she put up there and said “You look open to me”!  He says “Well I’m not” and I said “You can not just open for one person who was at the back of the line.  There are only two lines open and I just lost my place in the one I was in”.  Then he says “Well I am only taking a certain number of items”.  I pointed to my cart and said “Well this is going to have to be the certain number you are taking cause I am not leaving”!  I was stern and not backing down.  As he rang her up I put all of my stuff up on the belt and he said again “I am not Open” and I said “I am not moving so call your manager”.  He finished the lady and walked away!  Now I about lost it.  He went to one of the other registers and was talking to a lady!  He looked over and me and I reached up and started flashing his light up number!  LOL  He came over and said “Hurry up I will check you out”.  Good thing too cause I was so prepared to just up and leave everything on the belt.  I smiled and said “Thank you”!  I was so mad!  It was hot in there and people were stopping in front of us and the whole experience was just painful!

We got home and I finished setting up the Pack and Play and cleaned up the office.  We also moved a bunch of boxes into the office and I vacuumed.  Tonight we gotta do a quick clean of the downstairs and then will be ready for company!