This morning we went for Laura’s Sonogram.  it was the most exciting thing I ave ever experienced!  It was so awesome to see the baby’s arm and foot and the baby moving all around.  I cried like a big baby.  The tech was so sweet.  We got to spend a good hour with her going over stuff and watching the baby.  I now know if I am having a niece or nephew!  Would you like to know? 

It's a GIRL

The tech said that she was 90% sure it was a girl. We seen her little girlie bits so I am pretty sure! I am going to have a NIECE! I am so excited. I really thought it was a boy!


2 Responses to “Sonogram”

  1. Lisanne Says:

    I guessed boy, too, just because it seemed like Laura wasn’t really showing much and was carrying like a “basketball.” hehe 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! It’s *so* awesome that you’re doing these photo collages for them. They’ll treasure those always. And makes for a quick and easy instant scrapbook! 🙂 You’ll have fun buying girlie clothes! hehe 🙂 Could you give me their address sometime soon, so that I can send them a little something? You know how I love to girlie shop. hehe 🙂 I wish that I’d had pictures like that at our U/S!

  2. Ani Says:

    I swear I guessed a girl. But only right before I clicked on the page for the results!!! Congratulations!!!!!!

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