Weekend Fun

We had such a great weekend with our friends.  E & K are our best couple friends.  K and I are so close and talk about so much, stuff she doesn’t talk about with other people.  E is one of the nicest guys I have ever met.   E, K & Baby J came to our house Friday night.  We were so happy to see them pulling into the driveway.  They got out of the car and K gave Pete and me pictures the J had drawn for us.  K wrote on them “To Aunt Lisa, Love Always J”.  How sweet.  They have referred to Pete and I as Aunt Lisa and Uncle Pete since they brought J home from the hospital.  We had a great dinner, burgers, hotdogs and some homemade Mac and Cheese and Potato Salad.  It was low key (compared to the other great stuff I made all weekend) but great!  After they put J down to sleep we all stayed up and played Wii til 2 am.  Well they did, I fell asleep on the sofa around 12.  

Saturday we got up early and I went to the Sonogram with Laura.  OMG talk about amazing!  Laura and I stopped by my Dad’s and showed him the pictures and told him he was going to have a granddaughter.  He seems excited!  We ended up back at my house and had leftover Cheese Burgers for lunch.  K and I went to the fruit stand to get watermelon and corn to go with dinner and then we went to the grocery store for soda.  When we got back we got ready and headed to Federal Hill.  I got some great pictures.  The ones showing J’s face are private on my Flickr account; if you’re my friend on there you can see them.  Due to the adoption I can’t put face pictures on a searchable web site.  We went to the park on Federal Hill and J played her little heart out.  It was so great.  We stayed about 2 or 3 hours.  We all had so much fun.  E & K decided to stay until Monday morning which made us all happy!  We got home and I made dinner.  We had Steak on the grill, baked potatoes, corn on the cob and Cheese Cake for E’s Birthday for desert!  Everything tasted great.  I was so tired went to bed around 1 or so while everyone played more Wii.  E loved it so much.  He now wants one.  He even brought games he had rented so we could all play them. 




Sunday K & I decided we were not going to get dressed all day!  We lounged in our jammies all day.  I made a great Birthday breakfast for E.  He loved it.  I wanted to make them really comfortable and I think I did.  They enjoyed themselves all weekend I think.  We watched out Disney DVD and K cannot wait to take J to Walt Disney World.  They want Pete and I to go with them in three years.  I am excited.  I cannot wait to see J in WDW.  After nap time E & Pete went to see the Simpson’s Movie.  Ugh why in the world grown men think they need to pay $9 to see a cartoon is weird to me.  It was great for K, J and I to spend some girl time together.  We enjoyed High School Musical 2 and chased after J.  Buy can that girl move fast.  She is the cutest!  When the boys got home J & I had dinner ready.  J was helping with snapping the green beans.  I think she ate like 10 raw green beans….LOL  For dinner we had BBQed ribs, Chicken, Green beans, Mac & Cheese and Cornbread Muffins.  Poor J was so tired out she fell asleep eating dinner.  When we were all done I took J and we went and laid on the sofa while Pete, K & E talked frat talk about people I don’t know.  I just held sleeping J and watched some Tori and Dean.  LOL  E came and took her up to bed after an hour or so and then the four grownups watched Vacancy…Boy was that scary!  I went to bed shortly after the movie.  I was so sleepy! 

Monday E, K & J woke up to say bye before we went to work.  J gave Pete and I hugs and kisses!  She is so sweet.  While Pete and I were driving to work E called to get our security code for our alarm.  J finally got into the cupboard where we keep the alarm and hit the panic button.  She had been after that panic button all weekend!  LOL  Soon as we hung up the alarm company called me, I told them it was an accident and they said they will cancel the dispatch.  Well 20 minutes later the police showed up at the house.  Poor E & K.   J trashed our house this weekend!  When we got home from work on Monday the house was spotless.  E & K cleaned all the mess!  Arn’t they the best!  It was such a great weekend.  I can not wait until they come again! 


3 Responses to “Weekend Fun”

  1. shannylj Says:

    I’ll forgive you for saying they are the best (what are me & CSP? rotten turkeys?) since they are such a great couple and have adopted such a gorgeous little girl. Well, that and I love you! xoxo

  2. cady Says:

    sounds like you guys had a blast! joe is dying to see the simpson’s movie too. i think we’ll be going the next time we have a free weekend!

  3. Ani Says:

    Glad you had such a great weekend. I actually enjoy the Simpsons. so Niel and I went to the theater to see it. Very funny. I saw High School Musical 2. I am a big fan of the first. The second one didn’t impress me as much.

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