Who Knew Flickr Doubled as a XXX Site…….

Last night Shannon and I made a scary discovery!  Flickr has Porn!  Real porn!  Free Porn!  We found it because Shannon was telling me about how she thinks Lisanne has a foot fetish admirer.  She is part of the “Feet Up” Flickr group in addition to Shannon’s “Flip Flop” Flickr group.  Shannon had a guy join that had Lisanne and herself listed as a friends and family.  We thought that was weird so Shannon blocked him from her “Flip Flop” group.   Well he is also part of groups like “Lick it for Luck” and “Uncut and Hung” and “Dirty Coochies” and “It Can’t Lick Itself”.  So then we started looking around and found a guy who’s Flickr name is “Big Thunder Cock”  and let me tell you it was!  I have seen the photographic evidence!  I have seen some of the biggest members you can even imagine!  I don’t know how these guys even walk!  We were/still are flabbergasted.  We had no idea that Flickr was full of porn!  We found pictures of naked middle aged ladies pleasuring themselves and old guys on their outside patios sticking vibrators with wires attached up their rear ends!  It was amazing all of the things that women will insert into their openings!  It’s all on Flickr.  The site I share my photos on.  They also are not marked private!  They are out there for the world to see!  One of my favorites was a group of pictures taken by a man who apparently brings home one nighters from the local tavern gets them drunk and then has them strip down to their see through size 52DD bras to then take pictures of them.  There were men posting naked ass shots of their wives asking for comments!  You wouldn’t believe how many people take pictures of themselves getting oral sex!  Shannon and I were laughing like 13 year olds who found their older brothers playboy collection for the first time!  We seen things we could never even imagine!  How do people get turned on by this crap.   Perverted sexual devients!  Ok so I know you all want to go see some of these pictures, let me tell you how?  You click on search; then you click on advanced search; then you click “safe search off”; then you type in the box what your heart desires.  You wil be shocked at the results.  Oh come on you know you are going to try it!  I just called Shannon and we had to go and check out a few more once we found out that we were each was posting an identical blog entry!  We are all giggling again.  At one point Shannon says, and I quote “Lisa your right, that is her Hairy Ass”  LOL  I feel bad for her poor hubby who is sitting in the same room at she is!

Ok what I really love it Flickr’s humor.  At the top of the screen it has a semi disclosure that says:

 If you’ve changed your mind about wanting to see this content, you can ESCAPE.    (TAKE ME TO THE KITTENS)

There is a button (that says “Take me to the Kittens”)  and it will take you back to the good squeeky clean Flickr Pictures we all know and love!

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