Party on Wayne…..

Party on Garth.  LOL  I love that movie.   

Anyway yesterday was Nikki and Jason’s party.  Crystal, Dakoda and I headed to PA a little after noon.  It was an easy peasy drive up.  We get there and I made my meatballs and we put all of our overnight things upstairs.  We had big plans of drinking and then spending the night.  The party got off to a good start.  They had a good turn out with a nice mix of family and friends.  My sister came and Brandon made a good connection with Nikki’s uncle who works for the same Police Department as Brandon and they talked about different job opportunities for Brandon.  It would be great if they worked out.  We headed down to the basement where it was about 20 degrees cooler (of course yesterday would be about 100 degrees) and we were jamming to some good music.  Nikki and Jason transformed their unfinished basement into a semi dance club.  Jason was DJing and we were all enjoying ourselves then silence!  The power in Nikki’s whole neighborhood went out.  Dakoda screamed, but it didn’t faze Ryleah.  We eventually went upstairs and the party kinda moved out front.  Well it was hot as can be and Dakoda was miserable.  We took the kids for some walks and avoided Dakoda asking to go home like 100 times.  It was getting later and the lights were not back on so Crystal and I decided to head home.  We didn’t want to leave we were having a good time, but we knew we could never go to sleep in that heat, and Crystal knew there was no way in hell Dakoda was going to go to sleep.  Poor thing was a hot sweaty mess!

It is a real shame that the storm ruined the party, it was on it’s way to being a good one!

Future Mr. & Mrs.


Me and My Girl