The Perls of Being Pregnant

Laura came to Nikki’s Party.  I was so glad she made it up to PA to party and have a good time.  After all of the lights went out Laura had to pee.  Being with child she has to pee a lot.  Well she comes up to me and she is bouncing all around doing the pee dance.  She has a pair of pants, capris that she wears all the time.  They are maternity and have elastic and a draw string.  Well Laura couldn’t get them untied.  She tried and tried, but just made them tighter.  She was *THIS CLOSE* to peeing her pants.  We couldn’t stop laughing.  I was on my knees trying to untie the very tight knot with my teeth.  We couldn’t get it so we run upstairs and I help her force her tiny bit of chub up past the draw string and she pulled down her pants.  She peed for a full minute at least!  She took her pants all the way off and I get the knot undone with my teeth.  LOL  It was so so funny, us in the dark bathroom wrestling with these pants!  LOL  Too funny!


Brandon snapped this picture with his camera phone in the dark while I was trying to untie her pants!


6 Responses to “The Perls of Being Pregnant”

  1. Shannon Says:

    That is hilarious!!!

  2. Ani Says:

    Now that is a funny story!

  3. jamie Says:

    That is hilarious!! So funny!!!

  4. cady Says:

    that is so funny!!

  5. whimsicalchaos Says:


  6. margievz Says:

    That happened to me yesterday! But I had no one to help me untie it!

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