Prettiest Girl In the World

Yesterday morning Nikki told me a story about a conversation that she had with her husband.  At the end he replied “No one knows how to take care of her like You, Me or Lisa” (or something along those lines).  It made me feel really good that these parents trust me so wholeheartedly with the life of their child.  I love Ryleah more then imaginable.  She is smart and funny and cute as can be!  Well Nikki and Jason had to be somewhere at 6:30am this morning and on the way home from work she realized she needed someone to take Ryleah to school in the morning.  Ryleah can only be at daycare for 10 hours a day and they had already set it up for Nikki’s brother to pick her up today at 5 or so.  Well I offered to drive up last night and then take her this morning.  Now Nikki has never left Ryleah overnight, there has never been a 24 hour period of time that she hasn’t seen her child.  She may have been out while the babysitter (95% of the time me) has put her to bed, or Nikki may have left for work while Ryleah was asleep, but was home to put her to bed that night.  I am sure that is how I will be too, I mean that child is your life!  So anyway I was a tiny bit nervous about being the adult walking into Ryleah’s room to wake her up this morning.  I got myself all ready, loaded the car and then walked into Ryleahs Room.

Ryleah's Room

Isn’t it pretty? Well she was laying in bed awake. She looked over at me and said “Hi Yweesa”. I said “Hi Baby” then she shrugged her shoulders and said “Where’s Mommy?” I told her Nikki went to work and that I was going to take her to school. I asked if that was ok and she said Yeah. LOL Then we kissed bunny and I took her to the changing table and changed her then got her all dressed. We talked a little and sang. Then we went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. She let me do her hair into cute little Pig Tails.

Pretty in PinkBack of Pony Tails

When we were all done in the bathroom, when she tossed her tooth brush in the sink and said “ALL DONE”, we went downstairs. She had her juice and her gummy vitamin and off to school we went. On the way she pointed to alot of things and asked “What’s Dat Yweesa, What’s Dat?” It’s a truck that is digging a hole, It’s a school bus, It’s corn” Over and over again. She also complimented me on my Cinderella “purse”, which I use as an overnight bag. We sang a little Cinderelli, Cinderelli.

RyleahThinking about School

I was sad when we got to school because I had to drop her off. I took her into the school and she showed me her cubby and then I took her outside to meet up with the other kids. It was a great morning.

Pretty Girl

This was the last thing I seen this morning. How could you not love this face.

(Sorry for the low resulution Pictures…I forgot my camera and had to use my phone!)

6 Responses to “Prettiest Girl In the World”

  1. cady Says:

    she is adorable!! i love her smile!

  2. Ani Says:

    Aww I feel the same way about my friend’s little girl.

  3. mamamichele Says:

    I love those mornings. When everything is smooth and nobody is screaming 🙂

    You are a good friend to Nikki. You cant imagine how good it feels to know that your kid is with someone you trust.. and that you know they like. Makes leaving them SO much easier.

  4. Shannon Says:

    She is soooo adorable! And you are going to make an incredible mom one day!

  5. Susan Says:

    She is so stinkin cute!!!!!

  6. Bella Says:

    She’s a cutie! Your friend is SO lucky to have someone like you in her life!

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