Back to School

Last night I went with Jodi and Lauren to Lauren’s Back to School night.  It was so odd walking through the school halls of my Alma Mater.  We went to a assembly when I ripped my favorite Jean Capri’s on the metal (the arm rest was missing) and then we walked lauren’s schedule.  Class to class, upstairs to down stairs.  It was kinda fun.  As we were leaving Lauren says to me and Jodi “You know my teachers probally think I have two mom’s, that you guys are lesbians”.  LOL  I didn;t even think that.  I was just visiting Jodi and she was like, “Hey do you want to go?” and I said “Sure”!  LOL  Lauren has some hard classes this year.  She is in all honors classes.  I hope she keeps her grades up and can get lots of college scholarships. 

2 Responses to “Back to School”

  1. Lisanne Says:

    Hey ~ is your back feeling better?

  2. Laura Says:

    Hey you Lesbian Lover—LOL thats pretty funny

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