I SAID YES!!!!!!!!!

Pete asked me to Marry him today….I said Yes!

Engagement Ring


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Is it Friday Yet?

I am so glad that the weekend is starting.  I can not wait until work is over.  8 closings in one day is alot for one girl to handle!  I have a headache from a morning of crying and arguing.  I will however get to see two of my favorite people on Sunday so I have that to look forward to!  I am going to Nikki’s to watch a Disney DVD, Nikki and I are going to sew a wrap for my dress for the Mexico Wedding.  I think we will also go out to dinner.  I can’t wait to see Ryleah.  She is the best!  She makesme so happy!  I have some new pictures of my NIECE to show you all once I get a chance to upload them!  She is going to be a cutie,  I know it!  Well off to do some more work!

Have a good weekend!

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I know you are, but what am I?

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Long Day…Almost Over

My day was so freaking crazy at work today.  I got all jittery and crazy.  I was being pulled in 100 differant directions at once.  I am so glad that today is almost over.  I am heading up to bed in a few minutes.  Work really sucks, I am doing the job of 2.5 people and I am only one girl.  It is so stressful and so not worth the money I am being paid.  I am working harder then I have ever worked and being paid less then I have been paid in 5 years.  The market is just that bad.

After work Pete and I ran to Super Fresh and got stuff for lunches and we needed to pick something up for dinner tonight.  We got breakfast stuff.  We had Scrambled Eggs, Taylor Pork Roll, English Muffins and Hash Browns.  On the way home from the store Crystal called to see if I was going to be home tonight.  She had 3 boxes of clothes for me and Nikki and from a friend of hers. I still have to go through them all. 

Crystal and Dakoda got to my house right as I was starting to cook and Dakoda wanted to help.  Crystal thought I was nuts, but I let him help me crack eggs, scramble them up and cut muffins.  He has a blast.  He ate more food then I have ever seen him eat.  Dinner was so good and it was nice to have good friends to share it with.

Before they left Dakoda asked Pete to “fix his back”.  Dakoda jumped right up on the adjusting table and Pete adjusted his subluxations.  After he was done he helped Pete adjust Crystal!  He is such a great kid.  He loves Pete and I so much!  Almost as much as we love him!  He didn’t want to leave.  Crystal had to carry him out of the house!  LOL

I finally caught up on reading all my favorite blogs.  I have missed you guys! 

Now I am off to sleep!  I am beat and I have another long day in front of me tommorrow! 

Must See TV

All of the shows start back this week and I am excited to see some of my favorites returning.  Last night Heros started and I was all ready to enjoy the hour long show, I covered up with my favorite afgan and curled up on the sofa to watch it and……………….Fell asleep within the first 10 minutes.  It’s like my sofa makes me pass right out!  I TiVo’ed it so I can watch it tonight. 

My Dad also gave me a list of shows to TiVo for him this week.  He is in Sunny Las Vegas!  I am so Jelous.  I wish I was with him.  Las Vegas is so much fun!  Pete and I had planned on being married in Las Vegas in November 2008.  We have since scrapped that idea only to replace it with a better one. 

I am not sure what new TV shows we are going to watch this season.  I get so upset when I get all into a show then the networks turn around and cancel it.  What new shows are you guys checking out this season?

Week 22

Week Twenty-Two

Week 22

  • Your baby weighs close to a pound at this point!
  • Your baby can now hear your conversations more clearly than before!. When you talk, read, or sing, expect her to hear you. Studies have found that newborns will suck more vigorously when read to from a book they heard frequently in utero.
  • Eyelids and eyebrows are fully formed.
  • Fingernails have grown to the end of the fingers.
  • Be prepared for all those “Why” questions coming! Your baby’s brain has entered a stage of rapid growth, especially in what’s called the germinal matrix. This structure deep in the middle of the brain serves as a kind of factory for brain cells and disappears shortly before birth. But the brain’s amazing expansion program continues until around the five birthday.
  • With some help from mom, baby’s liver is starting to break down bilirubin, a substance produced by red blood cells.
  • Length is 10.94 inches (27.8cm); weight is nearly 1 pound (430gm).