Week 19

Week 19

Week Nineteen

  • Your baby has the same awake and sleep patterns of a newborn. She has a favorite position for sleep and recognizable active and rest periods.

  • Throughout baby’s body, nerves are being coated with a fatty substance called myelin, which insulates the nerves so that impulses can flow smoothly.

  • Scalp hair becomes apparent this week. It has sprouted and continues to grow.

  • The milk teeth buds have already developed and over the next few days the buds for the permanent teeth will begin to form behind the milk teeth.

  • The uterus starts to develop, the vagina, uterus, and fallopian tubes are in place.

  • The genitals are distinct and recognizable.

  • Your baby is swallowing amniotic fluid and her kidneys are making urine.

  • Your little one’s size is around 6.02 inches (15.3cm) and 8.47 ounces (240gm).



One Response to “Week 19”

  1. shannylj Says:

    Wow! She’s really popping out! She looks so cute!

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