Happy Labor Day

It was such a nice relaxing day.  I got to spend it hanging out with my Boy!  Gosh it is nice to have him home.  We slept in until around 10 and then I straightened my hair.  It takes a long time, but I love it straight.  Pete liked it and wanted to take a picture of it straight….So I told him sure, but I wanted one of him too.

My Sweet Guy!Lisa OutsideLisa Outside

Pete and I went to see Halloween. We took Lauren with us; she loves movies as much as Pete and I, the scarier the better.  Well this one was so scary!  I think Rob Zombie did a wonderful job at this remake.  Oh it was scary.  At one part I thought Lauren was going to squeeze my hands off!  LOL 

After the movies we took a quick trip to Target that turned into a 2 hour trip.  LOL We bought all kinds of goodies.  Along with the normal paper towels and toilet paper we also got sunblock and travel stuff for Mexico. 

I cannot believe we leave for Mexico in like 33 days!  How exciting.  I had to cancel our Bed and Breakfast trip because I didn’t realize how close the Mexico Vacation was.  DUH!  I think we may go to the Bed and Breakfast in November now.  I will have to call and reschedule this week.  We were planning on renting a house for Mexico, but now I think we are just going to stay at the hotel on the Beach where the wedding is going to take place.  It is going to be a blast.  We are getting there on Friday and then the wedding is going to take place on Saturday.  Sunday we plan on going swimming and hanging out on the beach.  Then on Monday we are going to drive to Tucson to visit Pete’s Parent’s and sister.  Then on Tuesday we are flying home.  I wish it was a much longer vacation, but Pete is out of vacation time for the year.

After Target we went to Gunning’s, a local restaurant to get some dinner.  I love going to local owned restaurants.  I don’t understand people who eat primarily at chain places like Bennigan’s or Bob Evan’s, or god forbid chain buffets like Golden Corral or Cactus Willie’s!  Gross!  Once in a while I don’t mind Ruby Tuesday’s or Friday’s but I would much rather give my money to a local owned and operated stand alone restaurant.  The quality of food and service are so much better! 

After we had dinner we headed to Super Fresh to get lunch stuff and a few other things and now we are home.  I am going to cook up tomorrow’s dinner so all we have to do is pop it in oven when we get home.  I have enjoyed having today off; I am not looking forward to work tomorrow.  Well I am off to wash clothes and cook!  Hope everyone had a great long weekend!

Oh check out my new lip gloss……..

New Lip GlossClose up!Smootch!

I took these pictures while I was waiting for Pete to run into the store!


3 Responses to “Happy Labor Day”

  1. Ani Says:

    Aww glad you had a great weekend.

  2. Susan Says:

    I’m thinking of going to see Halloween tonight (if our stupid theatre is open during the week I don’t know). I want to see it really really really bad!!! I love your hair,and lip gloss too!!!!!

  3. bellajournal Says:

    Wow, you are gorgeous! Your hair is beautiful too! You are a little shutterbug (the pics you took while he ran into the store, ha! ha! ha! ha!). I tagged you by the way! Have a good day Lisa!

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