Top 4

I found/stole this idea over at Bella’s blog.

She stumbled upon a meme Listing 25 guys I’d love to *bleep*.  Then she changed it Now, if  I were going off of good, old-fashioned hard core sex only here, I could easily list 25, but here I’ve put my own twist on this meme The 4 hot mother ‘effers that really do it for me and I could easily *bleep* but also spend the rest of my days with….

So I thought I would try it!

My Top 4 hot mother ‘effers are as follows:

1. Nick Lachey – I love him.  I love what a great man he is.  He is hella sexy!  Yummy sexy!  He is also so super sweet and a nice person.  How do you not want to just do him?  I would have sex with this man on a cement floor with anyone in the world watching.  But I also wouldn’t mind hanging out with him and watching a movie. ….. Listen to me, I guess after watching the Newlyweds I feel like I know him! 

2. Kevin James – Not only is he adorable, but he is so funny!  He makes me laugh so much and I wouldn’t mind being with this cutie!

3. Cal Ripken – He is soo sexy in the older guy kinda way.  He has amazing eyes.  I love light eyes on guys.  He is also a good honest person.  I am attracted to good people and he is a great role model!

4. Tim McGraw – S-E-X-Y don’t you think?  He is so desirable.  He is hot!  He is also a great husband and father.  I *love* how much he loves Faith.  I love what a great Dad he is.  I also love his sexy ass body!  

Now how is that for variety?  I love each one for a different reason.  But all in all the guy I want to *bleep* for the rest of my life (not to mention grow old with), is my one and only true love……  



2 Responses to “Top 4”

  1. Susan Says:

    Ahhhhhh Kevin James…….I love Kevin James!!!

  2. Bella Says:

    eeeeee-hheeeeeeeeee “I would have sex with this man on a cement floor with anyone in the world watching” LOL, I was just LOL! BAHAHAHAH!!!! That was fun to read, and I think Kevin James is ADORABLE but I’d be laughing too hard to *bleep* him. Also, Tim McGraw is awfully cute, he’d be really hard to resist. Can you believe I left Keith Urban off of my list; I actually forgot about him but remembered when I saw your country bump’kin Tim McGraw listed. My bad.

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