Britney Spears

All over the internet there are people talking about Britney Spears, so I thought I would jump in.  I think she look really good the other night on the VMA’s (I am sure I will be slammed for this)!  She looks darn good for a girl who has had a mental breakdown, 2 children, a marriage to K-Fed, a head shave, a divorse, court cases, and abuse problems all in the past 3 years.  She should have made a choice NOT to open the VMA’s, her performance was lacking at best, but I do not think she looked bad.  She looked nervous, she looked scared!  I do think her face looked bright and alert and I think her body looked damn good for having 2 kids in two years.  I must admit (sheepishly) I am a Britney fan.  I have been to two Britney concerts (one was even a gift to an EX boyfriend for christmas…..he was a fan too)  and this was not her normal performing.  I did enjoy the song though.  I think if she can redeem herself (maybe on SNL) she may be able to sell some CD’s come November.  I like her music, not for the masterpiece quality (her song’s arn’t) but for thier singablity.  They are fun and easy to sing along with.  I hope this poor troubled girl can pull herself out of this mess and get some good mental help.  Lord knows she needs it!

Now on to the VMA’s….did anyone else feel sooo old while watching this.  The VMA’s used to me my highlight of the awards season.  I felt very out of the loop.  Shoot even Justin Timberlake felt old, he said so!  LOL 

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3 Responses to “Britney Spears”

  1. Ani Says:

    You know what I posted about it Lisa. Heh heh.

  2. Shannon Says:

    I didn’t even watch it this year. I don’t hardly even know who half the people are anymore. I’m so old!

  3. Bella Says:

    I missed the whole dang thing! I am so bummed. I know what you mean about feeling old. That’s how I feel when I go into a record store now…. I almost feel like I don’t “belong” there. Sad. That use to be my stomp’n ground. Now, with all these new artist, I don’t know what’s-what! I’m NOT hip anymore (really, I don’t care — my son is 15, he can be the “hip” one, it’s time for me to pass the torch – LOL!). I like what you wrote about Brittany, she does look fine. Who is to say that she doesn’t? She’s a human being, people need to back off and get a life of their own! Live, and let live. That’s what I say!

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