Close Internet Friends

This article talks mainly about MySpace and Facebook.  It talked about how your number of “internet friends” has nothing to do with increasing the number of close friends you have.  I tend to disagree.  I think the internet, and blogging in particular lets you meet alot of people with simular interest that you wouldn’t encounter otherwise.  I look at my Blogroll and see friends, real friends, friends that if we lived closer we would hang out all the time.  Take Shannon for instance.  We hit it off and had an internet only relationship for years before we met, and she is one of my closest best friends in the whole world.  Then there is Jamie who I have yet to meet, but would, and have told my deepest secrets to.  Lisanne and I have met once, just once years and years ago but both before and after our little meet up I have considered her a good true friend.  I have cried on her shoulder and shared things with her that I was only sharing with my close friends.  These are people I have known a long time.  There are a few more like Michele and Bella that are newer online friends, but I can forsee our friendships growing.  Yeah I know it can seem odd to people outside the blogger land, but these people are real!  I am sure you all have atleast 2 or 3 people on your blogroll you consider real true friends, friends you would invite to your wedding, friends you would share the joy of a new baby with, friends you wouldgo to the movies with (if you were just closer).  I know I have a bunch of online friemds, way more then the 5 or so I have mentioned.  What do you guys think about the story, about online friendships in general? 


7 Responses to “Close Internet Friends”

  1. mamamichele Says:

    I totally disagree. Living in this stupid small town, as an outsider.. one who didnt grow up here and who is a “yankee” I have found it impossble to make friends.

    I have made several online. I havent met any in person. But though blogging and through email I feel like I am getting to know them.. (like you and Shannon)

    BAH> They dont know what they are talking about!

  2. Shannon Says:

    I agree with you. If it weren’t for blogging I wouldn’t have you, Shannon or Susan. Much less my other bloggy people I haven’t even met yet!

  3. Ani Says:

    Some people are resisting to the idea that people can meet regular folks online.

  4. cady Says:

    i totally agree with you. i consider some of my bloggy friends to be some of my closest.

  5. Bella Says:

    If you had told me a year ago that I could meet a friend on-line I would NEVER have believed it. I started blogging because I have always enjoyed writing. I never ever intended to meet anyone (I have enough friends in life, believe me). I was brand spank’n new to blogging and just wanted to write. Then, someone stumbled on my blog and commented, I visited them and commented, somehow, something really cool was starting to happen! I was/am blown away at what a neat thing BLOGGING is but you can only understand it by trying it out for yourself. I’m sure my friends think I’m bizarre for forming friendships online (as I would have had I not tried it for myself) and I try to get them to blog, but again, I don’t think you can grasp the whole awesome concept unless you try it out! I’m loving it, and feel very close to the people that I interact with on a regular basis.

  6. whimsicalchaos Says:

    I have friends from blogs, online games like EQ and WoW, etc… I just think of it as the new way to have pen pals hehehe…

  7. jamie Says:

    I agree with you. I consider you one of my BFF’s. I’m so glad I met you. People can say what they want to but people are put in your life for a reason – whether in person or on line.

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