Weekend Fun

I can not thank you guys enough for all of your kind words about yesterday’s post.  I am feeling so much better now! 

I cannot wait to get out of work…..Boy has this been a week from hell.  I never take off work to just stay home.  I think it is just a waste of days off.  I usually get three weeks vacation and I like to use these for vacation.  I come to work sick or tired (and back in the day drunk and/or hungover).  I would rather spend my days off away on vacation.  <

Oh speaking of vacation…. we leave in just over 2 weeks for Mexico! Who hoo!  I cannot wait to be laying on the beach soaking up the sun (from under my umbrella covered in SPF 50).  I cannot wait to see Pete’s parents at our stop in AZ; I cannot wait to be on vacation.  I bought Pete and I a bunch of new clothes for the trip.  Well I got myself a white pair of Capri’s (can you wear white after labor day in Mexico/Tropical places?), and a new shirt and a dress.  I got Pete four new pair of shorts and a few shirts.  I got him a great tropical shirt, and he bought a great one a few weeks ago.  He is going to look so nice. 

This weekend I am watching Jodi’s kids since she went to Ocean City.  We have a full weekend.  Tonight we are going out to dinner, and then tomorrow we have a Soccer Game and then a party at Laura’s house.  She is having a last chance to party cookout before the baby comes.  It should be fun.  I am trying g to think up something super fun for Sunday.  I have rented some scary movies for Lauren and I for when the kiddies go to sleep.  Lauren is such a scary movie girl!  I got a Stranger is Watching and the original Halloween.  I am interested in seeing how that one compares to the new one, which was kick ass!

I am so glad today was payday.  I got all of our bills paid online.  I love online bill pay.  I never ever write checks anymore!  I pay every single bill we have every paycheck online.  There is no waiting for the next pay check to play catch up.  We pay all of the bills before we play with our money.  It is nice to have money again to buy things we want and/or need without stress of how to pay for them.  I think we are doing pretty well.  😉


3 Responses to “Weekend Fun”

  1. Shannon Says:

    I wanna see what dress you’re gonna wear to the wedding!

  2. Monica Says:

    Stacy and Clinton say you can wear white all year long now……;>)

    I love direct deposit and online bill pay myself! The only downside is I never have cash, and sometimes it is embarrassing to pay for something like 2.00 with your debit card.

  3. Ani Says:

    Glad to read things are better!

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