Life of the Enagaged!

I promise I am not going to turn this into Bridzilla The Blog, but I am so giddy still!  I am in shock.  I am so excited!  Nikki and I started planning yesterday already!  LOL  Pete really did a great job of surprising me didn’t he?  It was great and what I love so very much is all the thought that he put into it.  He has had the ring since JUNE and the Snow Globe was ordered in July and he got it in August, and then he found the DVD case in September.  He told me he really wanted to surprise me and knew that if we went out somewhere I would know something was up!  Which is totally true!  It was so unexpected, just a random Saturday.  It was the surprise and the thoughtfulness that is what was the most important special thing ever!  This was truly the best proposal I have ever evan imagined!  The love letter was so sweet and really made me cry like a baby.  My boy is so very thoughtful!  I can not stop looking at the most beautiful ring ever!  It sparkles so much and that shiny platinum just shines in the sun so nicely while I am driving!  🙂  I never imagined I would feel the way I do!  Elated, the happiest of all Happy!  It is a feeling I have never had before!  I love it!

Engagement Ring

Now onto this Mickey Mouse Ring Rumor …… It’s not a Mickey Mouse Ring, not a real one, I am sure the designer of the Ring wasn’t designing the ring to have a Mickey head in it (although there is a designer who specializes in Disney Jewelry), It just looks like one.  Pete said he picked it because the three side diamonds reminded him of the Mickey Mouse diamond earrings I wear every day, except all three side diamonds are the same size and the bottom one isn’t bigger (like on the earrings), but didn’t think anyone else would notice.  He was shocked by how many other people see the “Hidden Mickey”  I seen it right away!  He was all surprised, he thought it would be our own private hidden Mickey. 😉   I think if people didn’t know about my love of all things Disney, they wouldn’t see it so readily!   I love it, I love how it isn’t all flashy Mickey Mouse in your face, and how it still very much looks like an engagement ring, with only a tiny hidden Disney touch!  🙂 

I want to thank EVERYONE for al of the kind comments, both here and at my Myspace!  You guys are the best!  I have tried to respond to each of you, if I didn’t…..THANK YOU!

2 Responses to “Life of the Enagaged!”

  1. cady Says:

    i didn’t mention it before, but i also thought it was a mickey face on the ring. i think it’s awesome. totally the perfect ring for you.

  2. mamamichele Says:

    That was my first thought.. aww a hidden mickey!

    If you need any help (that I can provide from SC) please let me know.. I do calligraphy.. I arranged the silk flowers in my own wedding or whatever else you can think of. dont hestitate!

    I am SO excited for you. Steven and I lived toegther a long time before we were married, and we truely didnt expect much to change. But honestly, its a whole different relationship. Congrats!

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